nce raising his hand.

“Ba Xiaoshan, take care of your people, what do you mean?” Deputy Director Xia on the deck shouted to me when he saw something was wrong.
I smiled and said, “Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Deputy Director Xia, bring Mr. Tao to me within five minutes and hand him over to me. If I don’t see his figure, there is no need for a bomb to explode. I will send him You ‘go back home’!”
These five minutes are the time given to the former Liyulang in the plan. Within five minutes, he will take Old Man Tao to escape from the freighter and return to our side, and the fifth prince will take action after that. Destroy two of the three freighters. And we ourselves will occupy the remaining one and use this ship to return to the land.
“Don’t bully others too much.” Deputy Director Xia had never been threatened like this before. He was already accustomed to being domineering due to his high position and wanted to trick me. Unexpectedly, I was tricked today. However, I have a super master on my side, so I am not afraid of him at all. The fifth prince raised his fist to the sky and let out a low cry. It didn’t take long for countless black spots to swim in the surrounding ocean, and the speed became faster and faster. Finally, the dense black spots surrounded the three cargo ships.
“These are all aquatic monsters!”
All these black spots are aquatic monsters in the sea near Monster Mountain. The number reaches hundreds or even thousands. Although they vary in size, each one does not look like a fuel-efficient lamp. I said with a cold face: “Did you see it?”
Deputy Director Xia said nothing, turned around and winked at a few of his subordinates, who immediately stepped back, probably looking for Old Man Tao. But Deputy Director Xia shouted to me: “If we really let Tao Yan go, will you stop taking action and we will be even?”
/“I don’t want to be your enemy either. It doesn’t look good to anyone. Everyone wants to go back, right?”
“What about the contract?” Deputy Director Xia changed the topic to the contract.
“The capable will know.” Just now I deliberately took out the contract and said that I was willing to exchange the contract for Old Man Tao. This move is a two-step move. The first step is that if the former Li Yulang fails, I will use the contract to really Go and exchange for Old Man Tao. After Old Man Tao is safe, I will ask the fifth prince to destroy the two freighters and regain the contract. The second step is the current situation, using the contract to test whether Old Man Tao was successfully rescued by the former Liyu Lang. Judging from the expression on Deputy Director Xia’s face, the former Liyulang has succeeded. However, I didn’t think about it at the time. Regarding the riot by dozens of technicians, I didn’t expect that Old Man Tao was not rescued by the former Li Yulang.
At this time, when Deputy Director Xia’s men were searching for the whereabouts of Old Tao all over the world, the real owner had been transferred to another ship. In the cabin, two heavily arme