when he suddenly came here, he felt a little uncomfortable and found his

when he suddenly came here, he felt a little uncomfortable and found his
seat smoothly.
The audience sitting around are all celebrities, most of whom I have seen in daily life, and Mr. Tom Hanks, who I have a good relationship with, is also there.
Tom brought his family here today. After seeing Han Xuan, he stood up with a smile to say hello, introduced his family to him, and congratulated him: “Han, Miss Dolores, I wish you a Merry Christmas. I never had the chance. When I met you, I wanted to say this to you a few months ago: You finally became an actor, and that movie was very good.” ”
Haha! You definitely want to see me go to a desert island to suffer. ”
/Han Xuan was joking about his starring role in “Cast Away”. Tom was deceived by him. He continued: “But there is no chance. I am not an excellent actor and I can’t bear those hardships.” The sky
/above the stage No one, Michael had finished speaking and went back to prepare for the show.
People at the scene shouted his name in unison, and fire suddenly burst out from the side of the stage, which startled Han Xuan.
He saw someone had come out, and when he heard the music playing, he said, “Wow, such a hard song at the beginning. Tom, I’ll go sit down first, and we’ll talk slowly after it’s over.” ”
Okay, I also live in Beverly and happened to be walking along.”
People at the scene went crazy.
When MJ was wearing a white shirt, white socks, black suit, black tie, and a black hat on his head, they cheered heartily!
The shouts of tens of thousands of people gathered together, which was almost deafening. He had a white cloth band on his sleeves to distinguish himself from the backup dancers, and his body began to shake with the music.
At least a quarter of the world’s population has listened to it. It was this album that solidified his unshakable status as the “King of Pop Music”. In the past few years, the sales of the album containing this song have increased globally. Breaking through 29 million copies.
Michael Jackson’s peak dancing skills were all shown in this song “Dangerous”. Han Xuan’s eyes were caught at the opening moment. After sitting down, he couldn’t take his eyes away. He felt that standing on the stage, he was so cool that he had no friends.
The venue was too big, and the audience behind could not see the stage clearly. Now there was a large display screen showing the stage pictures. Countless fluorescent sticks were dancing behind Han Xuan. The performance had just begun, but it had already pushed the atmosphere to a climax. What could be done in the world? Not many singers have reached this point.
I had only seen this dance on TV before, but now I clearly noticed the difference. It was more exciting to match the atmosphere of the scene. Han Xuan was unknowingly infected, and his body always seemed to want to twist along with it without any control.
It is difficult to explain what kind of dance style it is. Many of the advantages of dance are integrated by Michael, which cannot be described in detail in any language