t now. He couldn’t even remember how long it had been since he had reasoned with people.

t now. He couldn’t even remember how long it had been since he had reasoned with people.
After Liu Gan walked to the iron cage, he didn’t even look for the key. He grabbed a two-centimeter-thick iron railing with both hands, easily bent it and made a big hole, and released Li Dingxin from it.
“Brother, the people here are very powerful, we have to escape quickly.” Li Dingxin said to Liu Qian while trembling with water dripping from her body.
“No, as long as I am here, no one can bully you anymore. They will come here later. Don’t run around and follow this sister. She will protect you.” Liu Gan shook his head and led Yinhe Sister Li Dingxin walked out of the market in a swaggering manner.
/Liu Gan and his party had not gone far when they met a dozen people running over from a distance. The leader was a tall and thin man with a very cold look on his face. The shop owner said that Liu was the one causing the trouble. After doing it, the people around the tall and thin man immediately came over and stopped Liu Gan and his party.
“What’s going on? What’s the fuss about?” The tall and thin man asked Liu Qian majestically.
Liu Qian said nothing, and the shopkeeper loudly told the tall and thin man what had just happened, but he was very honest and didn’t lie much. At this time, two market managers also got up from the ground and rushed over. They covered their waists and cried bitterly about Liu Gan beating them.
“Let me ask you, are everything they said true? Did you beat them?” the tall and thin man asked Liu Qian.
/The shopkeepers who were watching looked at Liu Gan with pity. The tall and thin man was different from them. He was a level 5 player and a member of the novice village elders’ council. Obviously, Liu Qian committed a serious crime by beating up the market manager here today. This kind of crime is subject to whipping and may even be sentenced to imprisonment by the Presbyterian Council.
“Everything they said is true. I was the one who hit the person. It was mainly because I had a good talk with them to solve the problem, but they refused to solve it and kept being wordy. In order to save my friend, I had no choice but to adopt this method.” Liu Qian replied lightly to the tall and thin man.
“Do you know what is the crime of beating up the market manager in the market?” Seeing that Liu Qian did not refute, the tall and thin man directly admitted the fact of the beating in public, so there was nothing to worry about. The next thing would be to follow the procedures of the Presbyterian Council. .
“I don’t know what the crime was. What I know is that someone captured my friend and put her in that cage. I had to rescue her, and I also gave them time and methods to solve it, but they didn’t solve it. I I have no choice but to solve it in my own way.” Liu Gan replied to Slim.
“Okay, I don’t need to talk nonsense with him anymore, you can catch him!” The tall and thin man was obviously unhappy with Liu Gan’s tone and attitude, so he ordered to the left and right.
These members of the Presbyter