id in the material warehouse, and one of them took He pointed his pistol at the gasoline barrel next to him and threatened Liu Qian and Yinhe.

id in the material warehouse, and one of them took He pointed his pistol at the gasoline barrel next to him and threatened Liu Qian and Yinhe.
The man was trembling all over and his face was pale. He obviously knew what would happen if the gasoline barrel exploded. He was originally a guard with a gun outside. Liu Qian and Yinhe went on a killing spree, killing everyone whether they surrendered or knelt down to beg for mercy. He was so frightened that he ran all the way to the material warehouse, hoping to use the gasoline barrels filled with gasoline in the material warehouse to threaten and intimidate the two murderers and find a chance for himself.
/However, this is of no use.
Liu Qian’s mental shock energy had long been restored. After trying it, he found that the man with the gun and the two men around him were just within the attack range of the mental shock, so he released the shock energy on them without hesitation.
The man holding the gun was mentally shocked and fell into a trance due to the severe pain in his brain. The next moment, Yinhe had snatched over, cut off the necks of the three men, snatched the gun from the man’s hand, and instantly released the gun. Threat of oil barrel exploding.
Liu Qian took Yinhe into the warehouse and searched around. He used Yinhe’s infrared scanning to detect and kill several trembling men and women hiding in the shelves, ensuring the safety of the material warehouse.
The material warehouse is very large, with more than a dozen gasoline barrels stored outside, and a large amount of grain and various canned foods stored inside. The oil barrels and grain bags have the words “Ningjing City Northern Suburb Reserve Warehouse” printed on them. It seems that these The supplies were not the original reserves of the prison, but were snatched from the large nearby storage warehouse.
But of course now it all belongs to Liu Qian.
When two prison vans drove in through the prison’s large iron gate, except for a dozen naked women imprisoned in cells, there was no longer a single living person among the aborigines. There were corpses and bloodstains everywhere on the high walls, inside and outside the corridors, making the entire prison feel like a hell on earth.
Earlier, the scarred man had someone throw a grenade to blow up a gasoline station, killing and injuring more than 20 members of Liu Gan’s team. This was an act of war. They provoked people they shouldn’t have provoked, and then refused to hand over the murderer afterwards, which led to this The ending of total annihilation is entirely your own fault.
The team members who often hunt zombies have long been accustomed to seeing corpses everywhere, and they don’t feel much discomfort. After these large living people fell into a pool of blood on the ground, they were just like the ones who had been chopped to death. There is not much difference between the zombie corpses. The only difference is that their corpses are not as rancid as the zombie corpses.
After Li Miao found medical supplies in the material wareho