Qian He softened his tone and pointed at the red-haired boy and said a few words to the others.

Qian He softened his tone and pointed at the red-haired boy and said a few words to the others.
“Thank you, boss. You are not that brave. We are lying on the ground now, boss. Before the zombies are attracted by the screams, let’s get out of here quickly, right?” Fatty Pan Hua suggested a few words to Liu Gan, obviously wanting to calm down. Somewhat awkward atmosphere.
“If you want to live a good life, then you must obey my orders and act according to my rules! Otherwise, you should face this zombie world on your own. I don’t want to be dragged down by you.” Liu Gan ignored Pan. Hua reprimanded them a few more times.
Although Liu Gan said this, he was not worried that they would drag him down if he encountered any real danger.
Just like the situation just now, the red-haired boy only brought three zombies, and he could easily deal with them, so he didn’t leave. If the red-haired boy brought a large group of zombies, Liu Qian would definitely not stay and take care of them. A man climbed the wall and ran away. With them staying here as cannon fodder, he had more opportunities to escape calmly.
But even if they are to be used as cannon fodder, they must be trained into qualified cannon fodder. Therefore, after showing them a certain amount of force, necessary rules are indispensable. Disobedient cannon fodder must be unqualified cannon fodder.
“I will definitely listen to the boss in the future!” Pan Hua quickly replied to Liu Gan. After the two battles just now, he had obviously seen that Liu Gan was the real master and wanted to survive here longer until rescue arrived. , it is more reliable to follow Liu Qian.
Although the others did not speak, they also recognized Liu Gan’s position as leader in their hearts. In this zombie apocalypse, the one with the big fist must be the boss, there is no doubt about this. What’s more, Liu Qian has already demonstrated his powerful force. With his protection, they are obviously safer.
The zombies in the nearby streets and alleys were attracted by two explosions in the distance in the afternoon, and Liu Qian hunted them all the way. The number was already very small, so even though the red-haired boy shouted for help and Lulu screamed, The scream did not attract any more zombies. It seemed that at least the nearby streets were relatively safe.
After confirming that the surroundings were safe, Liu Qian did not leave with anyone, but walked back to the small supermarket across the street. For him now, finding food and drinking water was a very important thing.
“There may be zombies in the small supermarket. Boss, please be careful after entering.” Pan Hua saw Liu Gan walking towards the door of the small supermarket and quickly reminded him.
“Boss Liu, go and conduct a reconnaissance first. If there are any zombies, kill them. Make the place clear and safe before inviting us in.” Wang Changshun, the man with glasses standing at the back, also said a few words to Liu Qian.
/Liu Qian turned around and glanced at Wang Changshun. He didn’t say anything, but turn