ale city guard general in front of him.

ale city guard general in front of him.
He chuckled, and slashed forward with the blade. Suddenly, a ball of green fire condensed from the tip of the blade and shot straight towards the general in the main building.
The fireball was very fast. It flew directly over a distance of more than ten meters and hit the steps in front of the general. It immediately spattered large green firelight spots, part of which fell on the general who was unable to dodge, and part of which fell around the main building.
The green flames burned quickly in an instant, and the general howled miserably, rolled to the ground and begged loudly for mercy.
“Master Immortal, have mercy on me, Master Immortal, have mercy on me!!”
The clothes on his body were soon burnt to black, and stuck together with the flesh and blood inside. Within a few breaths, his voice was cut off, and his whole body turned into a coke. ,like a statue.
Screams continued to be heard from the main building, and the green fire ignited the entire main building in a few strokes. The crossbowmen hiding inside rushed out screaming, their bodies ignited with green fire, and they rolled on the ground.
Someone was rolling around on the grass trying to extinguish the flames, but to no avail.
Some soldiers jumped into the fish pond next to it, but the strange thing was that the green fire was not afraid of water at all and was still burning in the water.
More than twenty crossbowmen were burned to char in just a short time, and the air was filled with the stench of burnt meat.
Zhuang Tianci just looked at it with a sneer, took back the knife and looked around. Some of the people around were already quietly retreating, trying to leave.
And more people were covered in cold sweat, putting down their weapons in awe, their legs trembling, and some even knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.
“Master Immortal, have mercy on me! Master Immortal, have mercy on me!”
“It’s none of our business! It’s all the fault of the Lin family leader. If you want to find it, just go to the Lin family leader!”
“Please, the Immortal Master, let me wait for a way out!!”
“We They’re just innocent civilians!”
For a while, people were crying and begging for mercy.
Zhuang Tianci chuckled, and a man in black wearing a hat walked in behind him.
“Senior Brother Zhuang.”
Zhuang Tianci nodded in response, “Have you found any clues? Where is Lin Zhiwen?”
The man in black glanced around, and immediately saw Brother Lin Zhiwen who was hiding, and pointed.
“Over there, by the way, when I came over that night, I was repelled by the eldest young master here and a girl. I hope the senior brother can deal with those two people for me
later.” This man was apparently the one who attacked the Lin family that night. Insider expert.
/“No problem.” Zhuang Tianci responded casually. Looking at Lin Zhiwen, he strode directly towards him.
At this moment, a cold female voice sounded from above the courtyard.
“Qingluo Tantric Sect? When did the people who got Qingluo f