ke the jar and rushed towards a Han Jueliu disciple who was walking in front of her.

ke the jar and rushed towards a Han Jueliu disciple who was walking in front of her.
She had given up hope.
This is not a question of qualifications or actual combat experience, but that their Ten Illusion Style techniques are not suitable for actual combat at all.
It is used to maintain health, beautify and extend life, and the effect is very good, but if it is used for fighting, it is definitely not a match for other schools.
Originally, Xu Qin planned to hide first, and maybe he could hold on for a while after finding Junior Brother Xu Hong who was leading the team.
Unexpectedly, as soon as he came down, he would encounter Han Jueliu, who was also from the Hundred Sect.
“I’m really unlucky this time.”
“Why is it foggy?”
Suddenly Han Jueliu’s senior sister was slightly startled and looked in all directions.
I don’t know when, but the surrounding woods started to be filled with traces of white smoke.
The fog was very light at first, so they didn’t notice it. By the time they noticed it, it had spread over a large area around them.
Xu Qin pointed forward and pointed out the three-yuan virtual spirit. It is a set of fingering techniques that are included in the Shenxin Taoist technique she practices.
It is also the most powerful one.
/At the moment when Xu Qin’s movement power exploded with all his strength, Xu Qin’s index finger suddenly turned into three fingers, pointing at the opponent’s three vital points from different directions.
The fingering speed is extremely fast, and it also has the illusion of different distribution of virtual and real strength.
Taking advantage of the opponent’s surprise, she pointed it out with all her strength.
But before her fingers reached the same distance as the other party, she was swept up by a wave of ice-blue cold air, which completely froze her palms in an instant.
Xu Qin’s whole body shivered with coldness, and it felt as if the palm of her hand was not her own.
She hurriedly retreated, but it was too late at this time.
The Han Jueliu man chuckled, took a step forward, spread his fingers, and swirled a blue vortex of cold current in his palm, and stamped it fiercely on Xu Qin’s forehead.
/The other female disciples of the Jugenryu were in the same situation. They had no power to resist, and they were all in the same predicament.
This is the biggest weakness of the Ten Fantasy Styles.
Other schools can easily control pure different force field energy attacks, only they rely on close-range illusion offensive.
No matter how strong the illusion is, it will always be seen through. It has no real lethality. No matter how brilliant the illusion is, the disciples of the Ten Genry Style will eventually be overturned by the opponent.
Because no matter how hallucinogenic they are, they have to hit the opponent personally in order to cause damage.
For all disciples of the Hundred Sects, they have range-based pure force field defensive fighting skills.
To deal with this method that relies on illusions and close attacks, it can be easily so