Valley is destroyed like this, the Black Tower will definitely not be happy.

Valley is destroyed like this, the Black Tower will definitely not be happy.
The most important thing is that even with his current strength, it is probably difficult for him to survive the impact of the power of the Dragon Raising Array.
/Thinking of this, Lin Yun couldn’t help but frowned and smiled bitterly. At this time, he had no choice but to use the totem pole to slowly wear down the protective power. Although this process would be very long, at least ten days, but Definitely much safer than opening it directly.
“This is the only way.”
With a helpless expression, Lin Yun took out the crystal pen from his pocket, dipped it in the ink prepared in advance, and quickly wrote runes on the ground. Time passed quickly
, and a surface The arrangement of the alchemy array, which seemed a bit crude but was actually very practical, was completed. Lin Yun then carefully placed the totem pole in the center of the alchemy array. Suddenly, the flame power at the top gushed out, transmitting an astonishing high temperature, impacting all the time. That protective power.
With each impact, the protective power weakened at an imperceptible speed.
After doing all this, Lin Yun stretched and returned to the ground.
But he did not leave here, but found an open space nearby and entered a meditative state. The magic energy array maintains high-speed operation at all times and can see things within a radius of several thousand meters.
After all, opening the Dragon Raising Array was of great importance. Any accident could cause a disaster and bring him unspeakable huge losses.
During this period, he must stay here closely to prevent interference from others, and to observe the changes in the Dragon Raising Array.
Faced with this tyrannical force, even Suvir, a member of the Black Tower and a seventh-level titled wizard, could not break in unharmed.
The magic fluctuations were strong and weak, and were very hidden. If it weren’t for the special characteristics of the magic energy array, it would be difficult to detect it. It was precisely this that made Lin Yun frown tightly. In the dim night, his eyes, It looked extremely bright, staring blankly to the east, looking thoughtful.
Suddenly, with a “swish” sound, a coquettish flame slowly rose up and appeared two kilometers away, emitting a strange wave. It was clearly captured by the magic energy array.
Lin Yun couldn’t help but look at it. I glanced in that direction a few more times, with a look of confusion on my face, but in the end I shook my head gently and gave up the idea of ??going to investigate.
/There was no way, now was the critical moment to open the Dragon Raising Array. It would take at most three days for the protective power to be completely eliminated. Under this situation, he really couldn’t get away
, but there was indeed something weird in that place. , when the matter of raising the dragon array comes to an end, he must go there.
In the past eight days, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the Ghost Valley. The two ma