e, you can’t fight with the penguin and despise it with your middle finger.

e, you can’t fight with the penguin and despise it with your middle finger.
/Mengmeng asked Han Xuan: “Are you planning to go to Antarctica to see penguins?”
Han Xuan shook his head and jokingly told her: “I won’t go for the time being. I can’t beat them now. I’ll wait until I practice.”
“Little boss, it’s obviously you who asked. Stall owner, how much does it cost per pound? Why did that penguin hit me?”
When Gabriel came out of the fish market gate, he was still rubbing his face with his hands and muttering: “I have been slapped in the face by girls many times before, admit it. They all deserved it, but this time they were beaten by a penguin? Oh my god! Can you imagine that it was a penguin? What’s even more disgusting is that it is so small!” “
That’s not a penguin, to be precise, it’s a penguin. Little blue penguin. Who made you ugly? The three of us should be handsome and beautiful. Your face scared it. Now you should be grateful that Pooh didn’t beat you.”
Han Xuan said in a very unsatisfied way. As he said this, he held a king crab on his chest. Soon, this unlucky egg that was unfortunately caught would soon become a feast on the plate.
King crabs are marine animals like dolphins and whales, but because of their low IQ, they are not popular with people. Even the most critical extreme animal protectors have not included them in the protection list.
After hearing what the little boss said, Gabriel covered his face with his hands and was psychologically hurt by the critical blow. Fortunately, it was not a day or two since he was hit by him, so he could accept it calmly.
Previously, Han Xuan and the others were riding an electric motorcycle, and Obama was running behind. The distance was not too long for it. Now it was walking energetically in front, messing around with Jigglypuff who was lying on its back
. Holding a bag of clams, I looked at the seafood restaurants on both sides of the road. At around six o’clock in the evening, many restaurants were full of guests, most of them tourists, but also many locals. The oncoming sea breeze was filled with all kinds of food. The charming aroma of the cooking food made her swallow her saliva.
At this moment, she walked a few steps and came to Han Xuan. Han Xuan very gentlemanly offered to help her get the things. Anya smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, they are not heavy, I can carry them. After you buy the seafood, you can come here and let the restaurant help.” Process it into delicacies, right? Why don’t we just eat in these restaurants?”
“You can ask them to help. The travel brochure says you only need to pay the restaurant a small processing fee. What’s the matter, don’t you want to eat barbecue?” Han Xuan Asked Anya: “I think it’s more fun to barbecue by myself. I haven’t baked anything myself for a long time, but if you want to eat here, that’s fine. You called my mom just now. What did she say? Are you coming?”
“No. We, she is going to a party tonight. She said it was specially organized by her friends to welcome her. She can’t l