s devoured alive and bitten to pieces.

s devoured alive and bitten to pieces.
The alleyway in the southern outskirts was silent. Zhou Jijun glanced at Qian Ningchen, whose expression changed, and then looked at Yue Luosha, who was murmuring. Finally, his eyes fell on Shamoni, who was chanting Buddha’s name and his eyes were red. He clenched his fists and struggled in his heart. Incessantly.
“Return the iron box.”
Qian Shiqi didn’t look at Zhou Jijun, whose expression was alternately yin and yang, and stretched out his hand to Yue Rakshasa from a distance, with a hoarse and stiff voice that could not be refused.
“Give it to him.” Zhou Jijun, with a faint red light flashing in his eyes, opened his mouth and said with difficulty.
/The iron box flew out and fell into the hands of Qian Shiqi. A trace of excitement overflowed from the handsome and stiff face of the young man in white. His trembling hands violently tore the iron box into pieces. There was a roar of thunder in the sky, and a huge purple lightning flash appeared. The sword screamed and slashed at Qian Shiqi, but he saw a sickly demon dragon spit out from his mouth, and he forcefully carried the thunder and lightning down. The purple thunder dissipated, and the Yuan Dan, which was round and emitting strong and dazzling purple light, floated in the air. The demon dragon’s ferocious face was filled with excitement, and he opened his big mouth and swallowed the Yuan Dan into his belly.
The sound of “crackling” spread from the body of the demon dragon. The demon dragon that had recovered the Yuan Dan rolled with purple energy, stared at the lightning, and suddenly flew straight into the sky. Among the dark clouds, the demonic dragon moved and shuttled, thunder roared, and purple lightning flashed. The dragon shadow spit out by Qian Shiqi turned through the clouds and rain like a real dragon, controlling thunder and lightning.
Zhou Jijun frowned slightly and looked at Qian Shiqi again, only to see that his whole body’s aura could not help but rise. As the demon dragon tempered his body and sucked the essence in the sky, his whole aura also became ethereal and unpredictable, and his aura was thick and powerful. The climb made it impossible for Zhou Jijun and the four of them to figure it out.
There was a hint of something bad in Zhou Jijun’s heart. His devious thoughts turned around, and the snake man calculated again and again. The figure of the thousand and seventeen suddenly jumped out from the royal chessboard and flew over the capital. The huge situation of the capital was unable to restrain him. However, he saw that his figure continued to grow larger, and his aura was like an endless mountain and sea, encompassing seven states in the world.
The demon dragon breaks the shackles, the wind rises, and the capital cannot accommodate him. Then, no matter how exquisite my chess game is, I can only fall under his brilliance. Could it be that I have really made a big mistake? The
sword eyebrows are raised, that line Like a snake and dragon’s wound, the scab was ferocious and twisted. Zho