aired monster in the old temple?

aired monster in the old temple?
“According to you, they are all monsters?”
The fat man was a little surprised and asked, pointing to the photo.
“It’s not completely certain yet. Zhongtian Sect is relatively mysterious. In fact, many sects that have disappeared now have not left much information. However, according to some information I searched, Zhongtian Sect was originally established by Taoist priests, but it is developing. In the process, it began to absorb other people in the circle, and gradually divided into different factions. Some people used Taoism as the main faction and the other group of people used witchcraft and voodoo as the main methods. The two sides fought against each other. They are all the names of Zhongtianmen. After that, it will be difficult to find more information, but”
at this time, Boss Song came up with a smile and interrupted Zhuzi. After he walked away, Zhuzi said He continued: “In my opinion, the white-faced weirdo we met and the strange figure seen in the underground river are probably the legacy of the witchcraft and Gu sect within Zhongtianmen. Xuanming Temple may also be one of the strongholds of Zhongtianmen ”
Hearing this, the fat man suddenly interrupted: “I seem to have heard that Xuanming Temple was built in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the area where Xuanming Temple was located was not even Shanghai, and even Shanghai was not a big place. It’s not prosperous and no one comes to burn incense. Why would someone build a temple here? Maybe it was built to cover the underground stronghold. Of course, this is my guess. ”
The fat man’s guess can’t be said . It makes no sense, but the truth still needs evidence to verify.
/“We need to be smarter when we visit Xuanming Temple this time. The ones sent by Lingzhen are definitely experts. We can’t be the first ones ourselves, so we have to let them take on more of the responsibility. It doesn’t matter if we pick up the treasure and let the big one go. As long as we get it One or two treasures will make you rich. Do you understand?”
Zhuzi had a wicked smile on his face. This was exactly what I wanted. Everyone thought of it together and started to drink from cup to cup until late at night.
On the way back, I was the only one left. I was a little drunk and staggered a little. There were quite a few pedestrians on the road. When I got a little tired, I sat on the curb to rest and took a few breaths. Then I heard someone next to me say, “Young man, do you have any cigarettes?”
I didn’t think much about it and reached into my pocket. I was drinking. At that time, the fat man stuffed a pack of peonies into my pocket. He took it out and handed one to the side. He shouted with a smile: “Smoke! Big peony! It’s so good!”
“Some people say that cigarettes have different flavors. What do you think? ”
The man asked again. I tilted my head and giggled. The alcohol was getting stronger and stronger, and I didn’t care who was sitting next to me. I yelled: “It tastes different? It tastes different. Damn it. ” It’s just bitter.