ly felt that this was the world in which I existed. This is the truth I face.

ly felt that this was the world in which I existed. This is the truth I face.
The world is more wonderful than people think.
“Chinese boy, you will pay the price for this!” The ancient fire dragon flew in the sky and roared at me, and I took out another cigarette from the cigarette case. After ordering it, he smiled and said, “I’ll just accompany you.”
The ancient dragon turned around and flew into the distance. Luo Qiong still wanted to catch up, but I shook my head and said, “I can’t catch it. It’s good to be able to hit it hard this time. The time to kill it hasn’t come yet.”
It flew away into the distance . , wings flapped in the air and brought up a flame. I smoked a cigarette and watched it leave.
The onmyojis began to clean up the scene. Naturally, they had to bury the dead while rescuing the injured. Both the Onmyoji factions died. The Onmyoji who looked like a wandering samurai and the Onmyoji who was covered in tattoos finally died heroically, implementing the spirit of the katana that the Japanese always advocate.
The two heads of the Doman family and the Abe family both looked unhappy. I turned back to Doman Sanyun and said: “I’m waiting for your news. I will return to Tokyo early tomorrow morning. If you don’t give me a reply within seven days, I will still take action.”
Doman Sanyun always believed that he and Yin Yang The teacher family can bring me a lot of help. However, after what happened today, he finally realized one thing. It takes a lot of money to deal with the Ancient Agni Dragon with their strength alone. Two key members died today, but if we weren’t there, the number of people who died might be followed by a zero or even two zeros. at the same time. It also proves that we can take down the Ancient Dragon Fire even without the help of the Onmyoji family.
The Daoman family began to prepare for the funeral the next day. The onmyoji who looked like a wandering warrior obviously had a high status in the Daoman family, so the funeral preparations were quite grand. The Abe family left with the body the night before. When I went to say goodbye to Doman Sanyun, it was obvious that the old guy had not rested well and might not have slept all night. He arranged a car to take us back to Tokyo. In the car, the fat man sat next to me, lit a cigarette and said, “I feel something is wrong. How did Gulong Liehuo know that we were at Daoman’s house? It made it clear that it wanted to attack us all last night, but it failed. It seems like The prediction of our strength is insufficient, but where does this guy’s information come from?”
/I smiled and said, “You will find out when you return to Tokyo.”
It can be said that Yukionna’s life in Tokyo is quite comfortable. Although there were many research subjects surrounding her all day long, the snow girl was well taken care of because of Xiao Dong, who was willing to act as Green Leaf’s flower protector. Some infatuated people are like this. They know that the relationship is fruitless but they are still willing to love and accept without hesita