the two rotating Tesla hosts, which was a bit… The feeling of a small-scale visual feast.

the two rotating Tesla hosts, which was a bit… The feeling of a small-scale visual feast.
Outside the store, a pot-bellied man said to the helper next to him: “Prepare 8 celebration flower baskets to send over, and ask for the most expensive ones! There must be a cleaner near the store and windows at all times to maintain hygiene. When there are fewer people, I will take a look The window glass is clean!”
“Okay, manager.”
At the door of the store, Boss Song put his hands on his shoulders and said with a sigh: “Zhao Song said that after the decoration, this store can compete with any luxury store in the world. To compare.”
Of course Zhao Song dares to compare. This is the Apple mobile phone flagship store style with one missing piece.
At the same time, Hong Kong designers published decoration renderings and physical display pictures to major historical magazines and forums at home and abroad. The floor plan, table design, and exhibition rack settings shown in the plan have all begun to apply for global patents.
This is not the work of a home decoration designer. This is a modular design concept created by countless Apple industrial designers after countless years of exploration.
As for who the designer was who realized it, Zhao Song didn’t know. He only knew that this decoration style, which looked like an entrance to future technology, was firmly fixed on Tesla!
The concept of industrial design driving enterprise development was demonstrated to this emerging country for the first time by Zhao Song, who was unaware of it.
Zhao Song can’t remember anything, but as long as he can give a general idea, there are many talented people who can realize the concepts in his mind.
/In the evening, by the roadside at the entrance of Xiagou Village.
Squatting on the curb, he tickled Lianshun with his left hand, lit a cigarette for himself with his right hand, and puffed it out.
Xizi squatted next to him, frowning and said, “Xiaoyu’s mood has been a bit off these past two days.”
Zhao Song sighed, “I’ve known it for a long time. The day after tomorrow is her birthday. Tell Li Yong and Xiaoyan not to go anywhere after the exam. Let’s go and celebrate Xiaoyu’s birthday at home.”
Xizi looked at Zhao Song strangely and said nothing.
“What’s wrong?”
“You two have the same birthday, what do you think is wrong?”
/In two lifetimes, only this friend in front of me can remember his birthday.
“What kind of birthday do you have? Let’s celebrate Xiaoyu’s birthday.”
Xizi nodded in agreement, and then said sheepishly: “I found a partner.”
“What?” Zhao Song was shocked, what should I do with my daughter? Xizi only found a partner after graduation and then got married and had children.
“I’m in love, what’s all the fuss about,” Xizi looked at Zhao Song displeased, “We were in the finance class, we met each other in the student union, and we fell in love.”
Damn the butterfly effect, Zhao Songsheng was helpless. He asked, “Which one? We always have classes together, I should know.”
Zhao Song