“heart” in the center.

“heart” in the center.
Seeing this sign, Jin Earring’s hand shook and he almost dropped the thing on the ground.
“Is this the villa in Yuefu Realm?”
The military advisor looked at him and nodded with some difficulty.
Jin Huanhuan’s face suddenly turned pale, and he quickly stopped the bandits who were about to kill the two of them.
“Military advisor, we seem to be in big trouble!”
The military advisor took a deep breath.
“Brother, there is no need to panic. The eldest brother possesses special skills. This time is a danger, or it may be an opportunity. Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other.”
“Please help me, military advisor!!” Jin Earring quickly bowed down, but was supported by the other party. live.
“Brother, you don’t have to be like this!” the military advisor said quickly, “The top priority is the most important thing.”
His eyes suddenly fell on the woman in the red dress not far away who was happily counting the gold leaves.
Golden Earring understood immediately.
He suddenly raised the knife and stepped forward.
There was a faint yellow glow on the blade, and the woman in the red dress had no time to react before she was cut into two pieces diagonally by the blade.
The flesh and blood and internal organs shot out and rolled to the ground, splattering the golden earrings all over him.
He touched the blood on his face, and his heart suddenly became angry when he thought about the trouble he might encounter.
laugh! !
“You bitch, you almost killed me!!”
Chi Chi, he picked up the knife and slashed at the woman’s body again. Only then did he calm down.
“Come here! Untie these two heroes!”
He hurriedly ran to the two tied people and shouted loudly.
When the bandits around him saw this dramatic change, they were all a little dazed and didn’t know how to react.
The top of Yuelin Mountain, the edge of the crater.
The hot magma is like boiling water, constantly rising into dense bubbles. The bubbles grow from small to large, bulge, explode, and splash the magma with sparks.
Lin Xin and Liu Zong stood on the edge, looking down. From the crater down to the magma, it is hundreds of meters deep. From top to bottom, the color of the surrounding rock walls gradually changes from black to red, and even turns bright red near the magma.
Waves of hot and pungent sulfur smell came up, and Liu Zong and Lin Xin also felt uncomfortable. Fortunately, both of them were not ordinary people, and they could resist due to luck.
“I’ll go down to explore the way first. Sect Master, wait a moment.” Liu Zong said in a low voice. “The Earth Fire Golden Plum should be in the stone wall cave here. There are several fixed collection points here.”
“Pay attention to safety.” Lin Xin nodded.
Liu Zong took off the thick rope he was carrying. The surface of the rope was coated with a non-flammable paint. He threw the rope down, jumped lightly, grabbed the rope and swung down.
Lin Xin waited on top, watching him slide down one by one, and soon found a concave tunnel dug