t all the way up. When he reached the third floor, he might be able to discover some anomalies and the truth.

t all the way up. When he reached the third floor, he might be able to discover some anomalies and the truth.
But now, the other party sent him out directly. It won’t be so easy to catch clues next time.
“But there are still ready-made clues.”
Lin Xin raised his head and glanced at the name of the big supermarket in front of him.
“Red Home”.
This is the name of the supermarket.
Lin Xin carefully observed the entire supermarket door.
Walked around this three-story old building.
Behind the building, there is a guard room in a residential area to the side. Soon he found a place that might have a clue.
In the guard room, a wrinkled, bald old man wearing a security uniform was holding a radio in his hand and carefully adjusting the channel.
There seems to be a volume problem with the radio.
From time to time, he would raise his ear to listen carefully.
Lin Xin glanced at the yellow marks between the old man’s fingers, then turned around and went to a nearby shop to buy a pack of plum blossom cigarettes.
Go directly to the door of the guard room and knock gently.
“Is something wrong? Young man?”
The old man’s hearing was still very good and he turned to look at Lin Xin.
“Uncle, please ask me something. It’s about the Red Home Supermarket.”
Lin Xin gently pushed the plum blossom cigarettes he bought onto the table beside the uncle.
The old man glanced at the cigarette, and his expression calmed down slightly.
“Ask what’s going on. I, Lao Jiang, have been here for forty years and I know everything about everything. If you ask for information, you have found the right person!”
Lin Xin showed a harmless smile.
“Sir, I would like to ask, has any major incident happened in this Red Home Supermarket before?”
/“A major incident?”
“Well, like a murder case, an accident, something major like that.” Lin Xin narrowed the scope in detail.
“Oh, this. A lot of people have asked me about this before.” The old man said, “This red home was built by an out-of-town boss. The business was very good at first, but then something happened. The boss couldn’t continue the business, so he sold it to others. The boss who took over renovated the place and made it what it is now, and the business gradually improved.
“What happened?
” Xin asked further.
“It’s a lawsuit over human life.”
The old man said lazily.
“Can you tell me what the lawsuit is about?” Lin Xin felt keenly that there was something going on here.
The old man glanced at him.
“I heard that a child died inside, but I don’t know the specific reason. A lot of people came at that time. Police, white uniforms, black uniforms, bits and pieces, and a lot of media, but behind It’s strange that there are so many media, but no news has been broadcast.”
“Is that so?” Lin Xin changed several angles and asked the old man if there were any other major events.
The old man answered with certainty that this was the only thing that could be considered a life-threatening matter.
/This made Lin Xin very confused.
The front of his short black