essential test, he gained independence from his own timeline. Although he is not considered a primitive and cannot freely manipulate history,

essential test, he gained independence from his own timeline. Although he is not considered a primitive and cannot freely manipulate history,
other primitives cannot interfere with his history.
In other words, the remaining primitives can no longer pass at will . Manipulating time killed him.
In addition, through the Millennium Key, Lin Xin also completely understood more than 90% of the rules of the universe.
The remaining parts are not found in the Millennium Key,
but there is no way to solve it. , it is enough to break the seal of Nether Palace.
Thinking of this, Lin Xin thought of Lin Yaoyang who was imprisoned in Nether Palace.
“Why do you like me? ”
Lin Xin suddenly asked.
Ruan Rujun was stunned.
Then, a bright red cloud emerged from her neck and cheeks.
She lowered her head and was at a loss, not knowing how to answer.
“Me me”
in the girl’s mind All the thoughts flashed through Lin Xin’s mind very clearly.
Without her needing to answer, Lin Xin already knew the answer.
Rujun’s love for him
was a mixture of many emotions. A sense of dependence like a brother,
sense of security like a dream ,
and a sense of belonging to him as a spiritual sustenance.
Lin Xin has made up his mind to spend this short time with his family . A period of soul time.
As a member of the Yang family with average qualifications, it is almost impossible to achieve the point of changing the nature of the soul even if they obtain attribute increases and practice magic.
And the lifespan of the body is limited, and the lifespan of the soul is also limited.
/Living for thousands of years is meaningless to Lin Xin.
He has experienced too many life and death.
Now, he looked at Ruan Rujun’s
cute and delicate face, dark and smooth bangs and long hair. , wearing a conspicuous black shirt and white skirt, with her slender legs wrapped in thin stockings.
“Have you decided?” Lin Xin stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Ruan Rujun’s little head like a kitten.
/“Follow me, you will gain a lot, and you will lose a lot.”
“I do. ” “Ruan Rujun blushed so much that she was bleeding, lowered her head, and spoke like a gnat.
She had fallen in love with brother Yang Shen a long time ago. At that time, he was gentle and friendly. No matter what happened, he would always be there. With her elder brother by her side, she would have the courage to continue walking.
From the first time she met Brother Yang in high school, she would always see Brother Yang Shen appear in time whenever she encountered difficulties or setbacks. No
when, Brother Shen is the most reliable and reassuring.
Although he has reached a level of power that is completely incomprehensible, that feeling that makes her feel at ease has never changed. Ruan Rujun felt very happy when she was next to him.
Her almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly like two crescent moons when she was touched, and she let out a soft whimper of enjoyment.
“Then, let’s get married. ”
Lin Xin looked at her and suddenly said.