-years in between.

-years in between.
The terrifying fluctuations caused caused even the tribulation energy to be instantly emptied.
The more than ten layers of abyss and heaven at the bottom were directly separated by time and space, and merged into chaos with the void.
In other words, more than ten levels of abyss and heaven were directly destroyed and became part of the void.
The main tone of the entire war instantly rose from the level below Tao Ancestor to the level above Tao Ancestor.
The power of Dao Ancestor comes from the countless planets in the galaxy that form the ontology, and the countless creatures on the planets. They are the foundation of Dao Ancestor.
When the Heavenly Lords and Earthly Immortals enter the realm of death in the divine realm, they also gather their own strength in a disguised form to improve the strength of the Taoist Ancestors.
The fierce fighting between Jiuse and Fang Yu, coupled with the crazy corrosion of the calamity, is constantly shaking the heaven and the profound foundation.
But there is still a long way to go before the two can win or lose.
And under such a terrifying stalemate, thirty years passed in the blink of an eye, reaching
the thirty-ninth level of the abyss.
Here is a pitch-black void. In the center of the void, there is a red red brass door burning with flames.
The door is three thousand miles high and eight thousand miles wide, with a black monster that looks like a dragon but not a dragon carved in the center.
/There are countless white tribulations in the void, which are constantly corroding the flames around the brass door silently.
In the aura of calamity, a looming figure looked at the brass door from afar.
The figure has a slender figure, waist-length hair, and a white smiley mask on his face.
There are only three red arcs drawn on the mask, representing the eyes and mouth respectively. It looks a little weird.
“It has been thirty years since this was the gate to the fortieth level of the abyss, and the calamity energy has not yet completely broken through. Could it be that it has to erupt from the heavens, all the way down, to the deepest part of the abyss, before this black universe can be considered complete? “Huh?”
The figure slowly took off his mask, revealing a delicate and handsome face with a hint of coldness.
Astonishingly, it was Lin Xin, the Sun-Photographing God who disappeared from the underworld thirty years ago.
After he left the underworld, he traveled all the way to the outside world.
It’s a pity that the outer realm has been devoured and corroded by the tribulation energy, leaving only some ruins and ruins. It’s no longer interesting to wander around.
Many secrets that I wanted to find were lost because of the tribulation.
In desperation, Lin Xin could only go home, leave the underworld, and start exploring the heaven and the abyss.
In heaven, he can only reach the tenth day at most, which is the source of the calamity.
Going up any further the resistance encountered was too great and I could not continue.