demon in his hand, in fact, he knew nothing about this unreasonable evil existence.

demon in his hand, in fact, he knew nothing about this unreasonable evil existence.
At first, he found the soul fragment of the ancient gods and demons under the ancient tree in Driver Canyon, but under the strong protest of Mr. Sean, he threw it directly into the demiplane. In the past month, he had been indifferent. If he hadn’t discovered that there might be a second soul fragment of the ancient gods and demons in this valley today, he might have forgotten about it.
“I don’t know if it’s still there.” “Absent” arranged for William Merlin and others to rest where they were, Lin Yun found a secluded place, then opened the Book of Death, and recited the spell to open the path to the planes. The
surrounding scenery suddenly turned aside, and Lin Yun stepped onto the half-foot again. the land beyond.
Then, Lin Yun suddenly showed a face full of astonishment,
“What’s going on?” Looking at everything in front of him, Lin Yun felt a little stupid.
/Lin Yun remembered clearly that a few months ago, he carried the soul of the ancient demon god with him. When the fragment entered the demiplane, it was still a barren and barren land.
But now,
the entire demiplane is actually a prosperous scene!
At a glance, there are green trees and grass everywhere. A quiet river flows slowly in the center of the demiplane. Warm sunlight shines from the top of the head. The air is filled with the fragrance of earth. The whole world is full of endless beauty. Vitality
What’s even more frightening is that
all of this has developed under the circumstances where the earth, water, fire, and wind have not yet stabilized, and all rules have not yet been born.
What is this concept?
Anyone who knows a little bit about demiplanes knows that if a demiplane wants to give birth to real life, it can only give birth to real life after the rules are stabilized, because it is impossible to give birth to life in chaos. , only when the demiplane changes from chaos to order, can life be truly conceived.
This is the most terrifying thing, because it means that the power that gave rise to all this is even above the rules!
Think about it,
Lin Yun is now at the level of a magician, and his real combat power is even comparable to that of a titled magician. Looking at the whole of Auckland, he can be said to be a strong one, but even Lin Yun, in terms of rules, is Didn’t even touch the door.
What are the rules? Rules are the power of the world.
Why is the star gem inlaid on the Wheel of All Dharma so precious?
It is because the star gems contain a trace of the power of the world.
Yes, just a trace.
But now, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that he might be facing a power that could override the rules.
The gap is too big.
Just thinking about it, Lin Yun felt scared.
“Sean, Mr. Xiaon.” Lin Yun called twice in a row, but received no response from Mr. Xiaon. He was so angry that he cursed out: ” Damn it, where did he die?”
Lin Yun basically knew nothing about the ancient demon god’s soul fragments. The reason why he threw them i