nscience or if it has gone dormant.

nscience or if it has gone dormant.
“Go to sleep. When you fall asleep, you will dream of that female ghost again.” Mo Fan comforted Ke Ming.
“Are you so comforting?” Ke Ming pushed Mo Fan depressedly. She calmed down easily, but when Mo Fan said this, she became a little worried again.
/No one was talking around. Several bodyguards on night duty were sitting at several dining tables around them, keeping watch as requested by the owner. Liu Qian, Mo Fan and others were still sleeping on the periphery of the floor. Although Ke Ming felt a little uneasy, But in the end he fell into a deep sleep.
I don’t know how long it took, but Ke Ming felt very cold. He suddenly woke up from the cold and found that he was still sleeping on the floor of the restaurant, but there was no bedding under him, only the cold ground.
“What’s going on?” Ke Ming quickly sat up and hugged her body. She looked around and found that she was the only one left in the restaurant. Liu Qian and Mo Fan were all gone.
“Hey! You don’t want to make fun of people like this, do you?” Ke Ming shouted into the air, his voice obviously trembling.
No one answered her, except for the whining of the dining room windows as the blizzard pounded outside.
“What the hell are you doing? Hey! Where are you hiding? It’s not fun to play tricks like this!” Ke Ming stood up, walked around carefully, and then shouted a few more times.
At this moment, the door of the restaurant suddenly banged! The ground was knocked open by the blizzard outside. The biting cold wind carried a large amount of snowflakes and rushed into the restaurant, blowing on people’s faces like knives and causing pain.
“No!” Ke Ming was already feeling very cold, and now he was even trembling with cold.
Outside the open door of the restaurant, a woman without clothes walked into the restaurant step by step with great difficulty. After entering, she turned around and closed the door of the restaurant.
“Hey! Who are you?” Ke Ming looked at the woman in front of him in surprise. She had no clothes on, and there were many snow spots on the skin on her face and body, which made her look weird.
The woman did not answer Ke Ming’s question, but roared and rushed towards her with open claws.
“Is it the snow-spotted zombie that Brother Liu mentioned?” Ke Ming was horrified. After taking a few steps back, he took out the assault rifle from his watch and fired wildly at the woman in front of him.
The woman screamed a few times after being injured by the energy bullet, and took a few steps back with a somewhat fearful expression, but she had no intention of turning around and running away.
Ke Ming’s power is “Dark Cuisine”. After activating the power, he can make various non-food materials around him into edible things. Of course, it is only edible, and the taste cannot be complimented.
Ke Ming’s power was a survival power, which did not help in combat. After realizing that he could not deal with the snow-spotted zombie in front of him and there were no other companions to rely on, Ke M