that you?” Liu Fei stared at the holographic lens with his breathtaking eyes.

that you?” Liu Fei stared at the holographic lens with his breathtaking eyes.
A Jing was stunned, opened his mouth, and looked at Liu Fei on the holographic screen without making a sound.
“I know it’s you, Ajing!” Liu Fei said every word.
“It’s me.” Ajing’s cold voice sounded in the vault hall through the communication equipment.
“Restore the locked system.”
“The vault is mine.” Ajing’s voice was like a blade, with murderous intent.
“Really? It seems that I am closer to the treasury than you.” Liu Fei smiled faintly.
“Proximity does not mean ownership. Now I control the locking system of the vault, and I also have the password to the vault. On the contrary, you will never be able to open the door to the vault.” Ajing sneered.
“Are you so sure?”
“What do you mean?” An inexplicable smile appeared at the corner of Liu Fei’s mouth.
“Leave immediately!” A Jing’s tone was strong, as if there was no room for maneuver.
“What if we don’t leave?”
“How much food do you still have? How many weapons do you still have? Are any of you injured?!”
“Our current food can last for two months or even longer; although we don’t have many weapons anymore , however, there is only one fire escape in the vault hall where we are, surrounded by thick metal walls. We can attack when we advance, and we can defend when retreating! This fire escape has several ninety-degree twists and turns, and the aliens cannot directly attack us in their horny form. , as long as we guard this fire escape, we can sit back and relax, and you, you are in danger outside. There are at least five fire escapes connected to your location. I can be sure that there will be aliens on that floor soon. Chance will find you, and then the overwhelming aliens will attack you until you die. All we need to do is wait!”
Ajing did not answer immediately, and the security room was completely silent.
After waiting for a few seconds, Liu Fei nodded to a mercenary, and the mercenary immediately began to summon those luxurious eating utensils from the space button.
Thick expensive carpets were laid.
The luxurious solid wood western dining table is covered with a white tablecloth, the silver tableware shines with a charming metallic luster under the candlelight, and the red wine creates intoxicating ripples in the clean glass.
A wide variety of food and fruits were piled up between the plates.
/Except for the six mercenaries guarding the fire escape, everyone, including Zhou Qing, and the five big men sat down to eat with Liu Fei.
Flames burst out of Ah Jing’s eyes. He could not have imagined that such an incredible scene would happen. He could already hear the sounds of his subordinates swallowing their saliva.
In fact, it was not just the teenagers who were swallowing their saliva, but Ajing himself was also desperately suppressing his desire to eat. These days, this group of teenagers have been fighting in addition to fighting. They have not had a good sleep or a good meal. Now Liu Fei is chopping large pieces of food in front of them. This temp