However, now that the mutual utilization relationship between the Wumen and the army has been made clear, Zhang Lisheng no longer has too many worries. He tore off the plastic wrap on the raw meat, threw it on the ground, and used his mind to perform the “Ju” witchcraft.
In an instant. A faint puff of black smoke. It floated out from his body and got into the fresh meat on the ground. When it met the blood, it turned into a black and red mist and spread out in the airAfter a while. There was a palpitating “buzzing…” sound from all around. Hundreds of thumb-sized flying insects gathered into a mottled mist of variegated insects from the jungle with huge trees and flew towards the meat. No
The cold light of the two bright moons enveloped the billions of emerald mottled giant trees in the ‘Oasis World’.
I saw a swarm of insects no more than two or three cubic meters in size. Recalling the terrifying sight of millions of insects covering up the sky when using living animals to perform witchcraft, Zhang Lisheng sighed and murmured: “It seems difficult to use raw meat to perform magic. It is better to use living animals… ”
/While he was talking to himself, those flying insects were already approaching the camp power grid.
Logically speaking, an insect the size of a thumb should easily pass through the mesh like a bowl, but as soon as a blue electric light flashed on the power grid, the flying insects were bounced away like a rain of rain and fell into the ditch outside the camp.
“This, this is…” Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment, opened his mouth, and watched helplessly as the flying insects that fell in the ditch struggled for a while, then flew up again and crashed into the power grid, but when their bodies were about to pass through the mesh , another small cross current flashed out of the mesh, hitting the bugs at once, causing some of them to fly away, and some of them were killed or even turned into charred corpses.
/The insects that were bewitched by witchcraft have long lost the instinct of living things to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. After failure, they will only repeat the collision again and again. The burning smell at the end of the nose is getting stronger and stronger. The young man came back to his senses, thought about it, and cautiously He stretched out his arm, raised a finger, and touched the mesh on the power grid.
Just when his fingers were about to pass through the mesh, several nearby wires flashed a fleeting and extremely dark light, and then an electric arc emerged in the mesh, blocking Zhang Lisheng’s fingers.
The numbing taste of electric current came from the fingertips, but the young man did not move his fingers away, but forcefully increased the intensity of the breakthrough. As his strength increased, the intensity of the arc in the grid mesh also began to increase, until Zhang Lisheng was forced to Scales appeared on the palm and disappeared, and the current gradually weakened, but remained constant.
“A power grid that can automatically control