ancient demon god in front of him are Xuanyin and Earth.

ancient demon god in front of him are Xuanyin and Earth.
Zhang Jian laughed at this time!
“Grandmaster, this ancient demon god’s corpse is left to you to deal with. Once our mission is completed, we can retire in advance!”
But he didn’t think much of the ancient demon god’s corpse.
Although the corpses of these ancient demon gods were of some value, they were extremely difficult to utilize, and he was no longer prepared to spend such hard work.
He can’t wait to return to the long-awaited Daxia Dynasty to gather wool in the ancestral temple!
Ancestor Chufa and Zidian smiled slightly when they heard this.
Zhang Jian nodded immediately, took Ji, and the Demon-Slaying Lord turned into a stream of light and submerged into the spiritual light beam, and flew out of the ancient magic spring.
Above the void, the three of them all looked relaxed and smiling.
/After five years of seclusion, the three of them had tightened their minds and tried their best to maintain the demon refining formation to avoid accidents.
At this time, Zhang Jian extended an invitation to the Demon-Slaying Lord.
“Master, the disciple will immediately start refining this fifth-level immortal treasure after returning, but he cannot go to Tongshan Taoism to serve. I wonder if the master is willing to go to Daxia and let the disciple fulfill his filial piety?!”
Hearing this, Zhan Demon Zhen Jun snorted softly.
“Bad disciple, it sounds like you are very filial!”
She glanced at Zhang Jian with cold eyes, but Zhang Jian smiled but didn’t take it seriously.
“Master, you have wronged this disciple. This disciple’s filial piety is famous throughout the Great Xia Dynasty. Everyone knows about it!”
Demon-Slayer True Monarch sneered.
“Either you are your subjects or your ministers inside and outside the Great Xia Dynasty. Who dares to say bad things about you!”
She immediately straightened her face and said solemnly.
“This time I will assist you in refining the demon. As a master, I also have a lot of understanding of the sword intention of killing demons and immortals. The sword intention is more pure and refined. I am afraid that I will have to go into seclusion for a hundred years. If you have anything to do next, please feel free to contact me. Your uncle Tiexin, or the master is discussing this!”
Upon hearing this, Zhang Jian couldn’t help but feel happy for the Demon-Slaying True Lord.
When Dao Xing reaches the level of Demon-Slaying True Monarch, his strength will leap forward every time he makes obvious progress.
Zhang Jian also hopes that this master will be a fellow traveler on his own path, rather than disappearing into the crowd in the end.
After the Demon-Slaying Lord left alone, Zhang Jian and Ji looked at each other, and Zhang Jian smiled.
“My beloved concubine, do you have anything to say to my father-in-law? I can wait for you for a few days!”
Mrs. Ji smiled brightly upon hearing this.
“Your Majesty, don’t you know about my father-in-law? He has many children, and I am not missing one. We h