ment and suppression are at least at the transformation level.

ment and suppression are at least at the transformation level.
Hundreds of demons transformed into more than one hundred.
This kind of power is already the maximum combat power that the entire Demon Alliance can mobilize temporarily.
“Are you leaving now?” The pony-tailed young man lost too much blood and fell to the ground, unable to support himself with the knife.
“The chief is here too.” The man with glasses came over and started spraying powder on his bleeding shoulder.
“Call the master. Anyone who comes out of the Demon Purification Altar, we are all serious successors of Zhenwu!”
The pony-tailed young man leaned his back against the wall with a smile, and quickly took out a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth.
“Why do you always believe what the chief said?” The man with glasses squatted down and began to sew the young man’s wounds with needle and thread.
“Do you think those are all true?”
“Of course.” The pony-tailed young man showed a bright smile. “I believe Master. She said that we humans are not an inferior species! We are not food that should be hunted by demons!”
/“…You…” The man with glasses shook his head slightly, his eyes looking a little tired.
Such arguments have always been heard in the Demon Purification Team.
Because all newcomers who enter the Jingmo Team, and those with some talent, must receive intensive special training from the general manager Liu Xinyan.
Those who pass special training will master some special abilities.
And at every closing ceremony, the commander-in-chief would take the trouble to repeat the experience of that year.
/Talking about the wonderful and strange and mysterious experiences she had experienced in that glorious and powerful era.
Tell the story of her continuous search for her own path because of her background and qualifications.
“Let’s see… The commander-in-chief said that in such an era, with such powerful true warriors, even if a natural disaster strikes, there will definitely be one or two people who can protect themselves and survive.
By then, these monsters will , neither of them can escape! Haha…” The pony-tailed young man laughed so much that the wound hurt again, and his lips were pale from excessive blood loss.
“You’re thinking too much…” The man with glasses helped him up and walked toward the team members who ran in from outside.
“Master said that she was born in the Xuanmiao Sect, so newcomers who have received special training will automatically be regarded as disciples of the Xuanmiao Sect as soon as they come out. Everyone must wear black. This is a thousand-year tradition that has been passed down before. We are a thousand-year-old sect. ”
I think even if you are her son, you will be gossiped about if you don’t wear black or white.”
“Oh.” The man with glasses adjusted his glasses.
“Tell me, what are these monsters gathering for? Do they want to fight among themselves? Or surround and kill the enemy?”
“Tell me, our Xuanmiao Sect is a thousand-year-old sect. Is it possible that th