ey family would directly attack the Gilded Rose Expo. Yes, but no one doubts the authenticity of this matter.

ey family would directly attack the Gilded Rose Expo. Yes, but no one doubts the authenticity of this matter.
The Rodney family had promised before that they would only give three days to consider. If the Rodney family did not surrender within three days, they would come and destroy the Gilded Rose.
With the unreasonable and domineering style of the Rodney family, they might actually be able to do such a thing.
Even the Jackson family dared to take action directly within Starry Sky Academy. There was nothing surprising about the Rodney family taking action in the City of Neverwinter.
The characteristics of Starry Sky Academy are destined not to be like other forces. Except for some key places, it is also very common for people with backgrounds to fight in Starry Sky Academy in other places.
Fighting is not allowed in the City of Neverwinter. In fact, this rule is not very strict. Even if people with background and strength are beating each other’s brains out in the City of Neverwinter, Starry Sky Academy will not necessarily care about
the tyranny of the Rodney family. His style and his come-as-you-go approach immediately made Gilded Rose a little passive. It was already the night of the second day, and as soon as it dawned, people from the Rodney family might come. No matter what the outcome would be, After all, it will affect the fair of gilded roses.
At that time, many larger cooperation projects may be shelved due to pressure from the Rodney family. Those families with similar strength to the Jackson family may give up cooperation with Gilded Rose. This is a big blow to the gilded rose of the kingdom’s development.
Both of their faces were a little pale, and Lyft kept looking toward the tall buildings nearby, hoping to see something.
Damn it, it turned out to be this guy Turs. Damn it, when I was still nursing, Turs’s evil reputation had spread throughout the Odin Kingdom. How to fight?
It is said that this guy is already a strong man at the top of the third level of heaven, and he is also a cruel necromancer. It is said that last year, he personally went to the plane of the undead, and came out alive, where Conquered several terrible undead.
“Your Excellency Tours, please put down your momentum. According to the rules, you are not allowed to release your momentum in the Gilded Rose.”
/Lyford said a word with courage, but his tone could not be toughened no matter what.
Many of the cruel deeds done by the Rodney family were actually done by Tours. This guy who didn’t understand what it meant to be reasonable at all, his opponents could never find a complete body, and sometimes even The corpses of his opponents will be turned into undead creatures and enslaved by him
How could Ford and I stop such a terrifying guy? Those hooded guys behind him must be the undead creatures he has conquered. If the two of us go up to stop him, we will definitely be torn into pieces.
/However, when they thought about their situation, Lyford and Fordmo felt bitter in their mouths and faced them bravely.