n in the limelight because of the Shenzhou incident, maybe the distribution would have been stopped for you! “

n in the limelight because of the Shenzhou incident, maybe the distribution would have been stopped for you! ”
Zhao Song ate his food before saying, “One kilometer will cover the Xiaohe area in the first month of the new year.”
“How many?”
“No less than ten. I know the two eldest brothers. “Old house bug, I’m helping you find him.”
Zhao Song was talking about Fatty Fatty and the son of Lao Wang next door, Xiao Wang next door.
“Wait!” Uncle Jiang was stunned for a moment, and then asked quickly, “Do you want to buy it?”
“Of course I want to buy it!” Zhao Song nodded matter-of-factly, “Why should I give the landlord my hard-earned money?”
“Ten convenience stores plus real estate.” Uncle Jiang looked at Zhao Song incomprehensively, “You might as well be a supermarket.”
“Just be a convenience store!” Zhao Song said solemnly: “I want to stand for the people of Kyoto. Good for the last mile!”
“I don’t understand you!” Uncle Jiang shook his head and then asked: “I heard from Lihua, isn’t your Tesla a waste of money? One kilometer?”
“No need for Tesla’s money!” Zhao Song shook his head and said: “Part of it was released during the stock reform of Shenzhou, and some will have to be released according to the requirements when it goes public.”
Uncle Jiang realized that as a public institution. Of course, middle-level cadres are also people with a certain constitution. They must have heard about the rush to buy Shenzhou’s original shares a few days ago. Besides, during that time, Zhao Song also asked him if he wanted to come.
He calculated silently in his mind for a while, then drank a cup of wine with a red face.
“Compared with those on the rich list, you are a true billionaire!” Uncle Jiang sighed.
Zhao Song grinned and said with a strange expression: “There are many people who are getting rich.”
/“Otherwise, you can still sit here and have New Year’s Eve dinner with peace of mind?” At this time, Wen Lihua came over with a plate of fried peanuts. He looked at Zhao Song angrily: “There is too much money, spend it early!”
Zhao Song nodded gratefully. He understood what Aunt Wen meant. She was not talking about Xiagou Village, but was entirely for his own sake.
/“It’s planned.” Zhao Song filled Wen Lihua’s wine glass, “This time next year, according to your scope of activities, you can see a kilometer anywhere.”
The intermediary market is very chaotic now, but there are two local snakes, They are all old house bugs, so they still find a house and get a share of the money. Zhao Song has no doubt at all about the explosive energy of Fatty Fatty and Xiao Wang next door.
“Dianhai District?”
“Dianhai District plus Pingchang District.”
Wen Lihua nodded and picked up the wine glass, “Here’s a toast to the future landowner.”
Zhao Song pulled Uncle Jiang and raised his wine glass, “Let’s do it together!”
Wen Lihua hesitated for a moment, gently clinked Uncle Jiang’s wine glass, and then drank it all.
Zhao Song was so happy that he stood up and shouted loudly: “Let’s go, let’s set off the firew