His son rarely contacted him after leaving home, and the princess asked for confidentiality, so he didn’t know about it at all. He asked: “Child? Mohammed’s child? Is this true?!” ”
According to what I heard I know it should be true. Someone entrusted me to give her to you to raise. If you are worried, you can get a paternity test. I am not sure, but the possibility is very high. It seems that the other party has no need to lie to me.”
Secretary Dawson Showing the child to him, Han Xuan kept staring at the old man’s facial expressions. All he could see were sadness and happiness. His previous worries seemed superfluous. He didn’t mean to dislike his granddaughter at all, but felt for the continuation of his life. Excited.
Old Fayed stared at the little girl for a long time, probably because her red face was too scary with excitement. The baby who had never cried suddenly started crying. He seemed not to hear it and still held the baby and reached out to caress her. Her little face.
A few minutes later, old Feid finally recovered from the huge shock. If an ordinary person had sent her, he might have been suspicious, but the person who sent her was Han Xuan, which increased the credibility a lot.
He started to think about the whole thing and vaguely guessed something. He held the child and asked him with a serious expression: “Han, the mother of this child?”
“I think you can guess it, sir. Someone has warned me about this and knows the inside story. There are very few people. If you want her to live a safe and happy life, you’d better keep this matter a secret, otherwise Pei’er will be trapped in a whirlpool and encounter countless troubles in her life. Oh, I’m sorry, this The child is so cute, so I decided to give her an English name without permission. I hope you don’t mind.” ”

Old Fayd thought for a while, and with his wisdom, he was able to think clearly about the dangers involved. He nodded seriously and said: ” I know. It doesn’t matter the name. It’s an honor for this child. Thank you very, very much for sending her. You have no idea what this means to me. During the time that Muhammad passed away, it meant to me every day. It was all torture, but now I am so happy. Don’t worry, I will definitely keep the secret, and I will give her the most beautiful love in the world.” ”
/This is best. The British may send someone to talk to you, as long as you persist And if you fulfill what you said now, you will be safe. If after the paternity test, it is found that I made a mistake, I will send someone to pick her up and leave.” Before
Han Xuan finished speaking, he was interrupted by old Feid. He shook his head repeatedly and said: “No! I don’t plan to take her to do that! When I saw this little guy, I knew she was my granddaughter. She looks so much like Mohammed when he was a child, haha!” It
was like drowning. People who grasp straws will refuse to let go, and the old man is the same now.
He was worried that his joy would turn into a huge disappointment, so he might as well keep thi