they will die without death.

they will die without death.
“It’s so poisonous! As expected of the Tianyun Dao! He actually used the Sheyun Cauldron with Qianqiu Shui to use it together. This thing ignores the spirit jade and can directly penetrate any body-protecting spiritual light. It can be called the monk’s greatest siege weapon!” Qian of the Transformation Cave! Yunzi praised.
But praise is praise, but he knows that a Tianbang Overlord is not so easy to solve.
As soon as they put their hands together, all the people in yellow shouted at the same time.
A huge blood-red centipede mark appeared on their backs at the same time. The centipede raised its head from its back and suddenly sprayed out a ball of black venom.
All the black venom rose into the air, with countless white eggs rolling in it, and hit a small area where Lin Xin was.
Yu Qingdao The two of them folded their hands and spread the dust.
Suddenly, countless white lights suddenly rose into the sky, and the two whisks extended and lengthened at the same time, densely knitting a huge human face in the air, and rushed towards the area where Lin Xin was.
Whether it is a centipede or a human face, they are the divine powers of the holy body condensed by several people.
Although orthodox monks are not demonic practitioners, their most fundamental purpose is still to imitate the supernatural powers of the ancient gods.
The demonic skills of the demonic monks reach the same goal through different paths.
The black insect water polo and the whisk human face attacked from both sides and smashed into the Qianqiu water wave of Sheyunding without any hindrance.
Boom! !
In the huge explosion, the three of them seemed to react in some way. They exploded violently at the same time, and countless thousands of autumn water exploded and splashed in all directions.
Everyone retreated.
Lin Shan looked indifferent, stretched out her hand, and the Sheyun Cauldron suddenly shed a curtain of light, blocking Qianqiu Shui. Protecting the Tianyun Dao monks behind him.
The two Taoist nuns Yuqingdao looked at the core attentively.
The black water gradually dispersed.
But it reveals the core regional scene.
Suddenly, the Qianqiu water in the sky continuously gathered towards the center.
Lin Xin stretched out his right hand, and countless black water automatically gathered into his palm, forming an extremely compressed black ball.
The black ball is translucent, and his faintly glowing eyes can be seen through the ball.
Gently remove the sphere.
Lin Xin looked at Lin Shan and others not far away.
“Tianyun Daozi, the Demon Lord in Transformation, Yuqing Elder. Unexpectedly, almost all the original parties of the Immortal Alliance have come.”
“The Red Flower Sword Demon, killing innocent people indiscriminately, has destroyed dozens of sects and cut off dozens of lineages. “You have committed a serious crime. Today we are here to arrest you in accordance with the Taoist order. Do you have any objections?”
/Although Lin Shan knew that it would not be s