ons and beam focusing attacks also appeared on the Dragon fuselage.

ons and beam focusing attacks also appeared on the Dragon fuselage.
But after the light shone, this huge war weapon didn’t even have any scratches on its body.
Silently, Longji suddenly turned into a phantom and disappeared from the spot.
His huge machine rushed into the Pensha Empire camp, and just a simple collision caused huge casualties.
Pieces of explosion fire were like fireworks blooming in the night sky.
Stargate No. 7622 of the Pengsha Empire.
The Ugly Duckling is like a parked ship, slowly leaning on the edge of the star gate. Like many other densely packed motherships, it gathers into a group of battleships surrounding the star gate.
At least tens of thousands of warships have docked here.
They are all troop carriers similar to the Ugly Duckling, where they receive orders from higher commanders.
“The Seventh Legion we joined is a huge fleet composed of more than 300,000 troops from the star system. What you see are all troop carriers from other galaxies, and they contain Ascendants and Fissioners from all major galaxies. Light.”
In the cabin, Katri and Wei He stood at the window, looking out at the mothership that was densely packed like a school of fish, and sighed.
“The empire…is really too big…can such a huge strength be suppressed?” Wei He said solemnly.
“That’s because Kenosus is more powerful than us.” Catri nodded, “I have had the honor to see the official legions of Kenosus before. Their numbers are not as large as ours, but their weapons and equipment and warships are more advanced than ours. ”
/He glanced at Wei He. “But we won’t stay here for long. The legion will leave for the front line soon. When the time comes…”
“Will the war officially start on such a huge scale?” Wei He asked thoughtfully.
“Of course it’s impossible. Compared with ground combat, interstellar warfare requires more things to guard against. Generally, all military forces will not be pressed forward. The real decisive battle will only take place after finding out the details of the opponent.
Otherwise, what if you have all the troops? Press forward and explode when encountering a large trap. No matter how many people there are, it won’t be enough to kill them,” Katri explained.
“In other words, there will be no more fighting in a short time?” Wei He asked.
“We have such a large gathering of troops. If Kenosus is not stupid, it is unlikely that he will attack like this.” Catri said before he finished speaking.
The emergency psychic channel was automatically opened, and the psychic fluctuations, strengthened by the command ship, quickly spread to every mothership.
“Welcome to join the Seventh Army. We are an affiliated Seventh Army and a lower-level stargate-level combat group.
As you can see, there are many combat groups like us in the Seventh Army, but this does not mean that we will not Important.
The power of the empire has always been formed from fine sand like us!
Before the war, each of us enjoyed the gifts and power given by the empire. But
now… ..It’s time for you t