here, and the situation was in chaos.

here, and the situation was in chaos.
On the Qinghu Mountain side, King Qingjing had the support of Lin Xin, and two months later, he launched an army and marched directly to Kyoto.
Lu Li followed him with his sword.
During the three-month march, Fu Jian killed as many as 120,000 soldiers all the way!
Really, if someone stands in the way of a person and kills a person, if the Buddha stands in the way of a person, he will kill the Buddha. It is incomparable.
As soon as the red sword light came out, the sky was filled with blood and rain.
It can kill everyone who resists without spending a single soldier.
By the time he arrived in Kyoto, the talisman sword in Lu Li’s arms had condensed three symbols, all of which were dark red symbols like bloody beast heads.
This is the evil weapon that Lin Xin personally refined: the Yuanxue Soul-Slaying Sword.
The power of this sword was only around that of the golden elixir, so it was just a useless magic weapon for Lin Xin. But its power is extremely terrifying and unrivaled for mortals.
The most important thing is that it is extremely difficult to refine. Only a pervert like Lin Xin who can miniaturize the talisman array can refine it independently.
The biggest feature of the Yuanxue Soul Slaying Sword is that it can continuously absorb souls and strengthen and evolve itself as the number of kills increases.
The more creatures you kill, the more powerful the sword becomes.
There will be a ferocious spirit contained in it, with unparalleled power.
According to records, this kind of sword weapon has once produced the evil spirit giant demon of Yuanjing Renxian.
But that was the result achieved after killing countless high-level creatures.
At this time, nearly 200,000 people have been killed. The Yuanxue Soul Slaying Sword has been upgraded to the level of a magic weapon in the late golden elixir stage. It only needs one more rune to condense to break through the golden elixir stage and step into the category of Yuanjing magic weapon. .
/However, Lin Xin added restrictions on it. Once the evil spirit exceeds the Yuanjing level, it will be weakened, the blood and energy in it will be tempered, turned into pure spiritual power, and sent into the hands of the sword holder.
This tempering formation is extremely difficult, and he found it while rummaging through Bihu Mountain. It is not used at high levels, but it can be used here.
He simply gave the sword to Lu Li. The blade fit perfectly with its nature, and Lu Li’s cold nature could suppress the sword’s ferocious nature to the greatest extent.
The other core disciples, Princess Huaiyang, Lu Dabai, Yao Yuanhui and others, will have to wait until later to see if there are any suitable magic weapons given to them.
After all, there are too few talisman formations that are as fierce as the Yuanxue Soul-Slaying Sword and don’t rely much on spiritual energy. Suitable ones are almost impossible to find.
After all, once the magic weapon is taken out, the spiritual jade embedded in it will be consumed.