avail, we realized how powerful the rumored purgatory demon was.

avail, we realized how powerful the rumored purgatory demon was.
According to legend, there are giant monsters in the underworld deep in the Nine Netherworld. Once they escape from the trap, it will be the day when all life will be in ruins.
/But he didn’t expect that he and others would encounter such a legendary existence accidentally.
The hawk-mouthed young man’s heart felt cold, and he recalled the records he had seen about the devil in hell, about eating people’s internal organs, devouring people’s souls, slaughtering cities and genocide, and turning mountains of bones into mountains.
Immediately, he was so frightened that his heart beat wildly.
The hawk-mouthed young man nodded quickly.
Lin Xin looked at him for a long time and found that this man’s physique was much more masculine than his own.
In comparison, his body was like thousand-year-old ice, with a shockingly low temperature, while the other party was like the water of the Styx’s Yang Spring, warm and soft.
The difference becomes clear when compared. But his physical body’s attributes are obviously biased towards the underworld, which is normal.
“What boundary is here?”
Lin Xin asked. At the same time, with a casual move, he took out the jar from one of the generals and held it in his hand. Through the jar, he could see countless black worms swimming inside.
The hawk-mouthed young man shivered all over.
“This is Yuchun Mountain in the human world.”
“Yuchun Mountain? Human world?” Lin Xin was shocked. This trial teleportation actually sent him to the human world.
He had naturally known for a long time that if there was an underworld, there would naturally be a corresponding human world, but he didn’t expect to encounter it so quickly.
“What is the strongest monk force in the human world?” Lin Xin asked again.
“The strongest, I don’t know, maybe it’s the Four Seas Fairy Mountain.”
“The Four Seas Fairy Mountain?” Lin Xin frowned. He had never heard of this place.
“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.”
He suddenly reached out and grabbed the head of a general next to him, and held it down.
The soul-searching secret method was immediately launched.
Like a watermelon, the general’s head exploded, with red and white splashing across a large area.
There will be memory loss when searching for souls. This is why Lin Xin did not attack Young Master Yingzui directly. He wanted to know more precise information.
Countless information poured into his mind in an instant, and Lin Xin closed his eyes and savored it slowly.
Suddenly he felt a slight tremor beside him, and the space seemed to be becoming more and more unstable.
“What’s going on?” He quickly opened his eyes and saw a golden cloud flying from the sky in the distance.
“Nine Nether Purgatory Demons, everyone can find them and kill them!”
A clear voice came from afar.
Just as Lin Xin was concentrating, he saw the golden cloud suddenly rushing toward him. When he got closer, he could see clearly that it was not golden cloud at all, but countless