en years after the battle with twelve golden warships.

en years after the battle with twelve golden warships.
/“Reporting to the great leader, we have finally developed a curvature generator and have taken a very important step on the road to manufacturing a curvature engine!” Chief Scientist Chen Jinghang reported the good news to Liu Qian.
“Well, keep working hard.” Liu Qian was also very happy after hearing the news. He would be very happy with every technological breakthrough.
“Although there is still a long way to go before we can develop a usable curvature engine, with the curvature generator, we can also use the battle fleet to create curvature traps like the golden battleship.” Chen Jinghang continued to report to Liu Qian .
“Oh? This is good news, but I am more interested in developing a way to escape the curvature trap as soon as possible after successfully creating the curvature trap.” Liu Qian affirmed Chen Jinghang’s work and pointed out the following to him One step towards the goal.
“Okay, we will keep working hard!”
Two years later, the first warp trap was successfully created by scientists at the Mars base.
Different from the curvature trap created by twelve golden battleships, the first curvature trap of Martian civilization, in addition to Anna and two repaired golden battleships, also invested fifty Spirit-class battleships, two hundred A master-level battleship was successfully built.
After testing, the power of this curvature trap was similar to that of the curvature traps originally created by the twelve golden battleships.
Now that the technology for creating curvature traps has been mastered, the next step is how to create battleships of equal or higher power while reducing the number of array ships.
/This is a very critical breakthrough. The second war with the Yiguo civilization is likely to happen at any time in three years. This time the Yiguo civilization will definitely send more than twelve division-level warships.
If warships with larger tonnage and larger numbers come over, Liu Qian will face greater pressure. With such a big killer like the curvature trap, the two sides will be closer in terms of weapons technology, so that they will not be Completely crushed, the current situation is that the technology of the Yiguo civilization and the Martian civilization have basically mastered some superficial knowledge. Even if they are not very proficient, they at least know what is going on and how to deal with it.
In the past ten years, the mining technology of Mars civilization has also achieved unprecedented development. From the beginning, a hundred mining ships entered, and only a few mining ships could return with kyanite ore. Later, the return rate increased to a hundred More than fifty percent, hundreds of thousands of tons of blue crystals refined from millions of tons of blue crystal mines were embedded in Liu Qian’s main fleet.
The energy armor of these ships inlaid with blue crystals emits a sparkling blue light, and their defense power is at least four times higher than before. According to scientists’ estimat