“Merlin, I admire you so much”
“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Lin Yun curled his lips, thinking that if you had been to that era 30,000 years later, you would know how happy it is to find something among such alchemical garbage.
“Found it!” Just when Lin Yun was secretly cursing, a few glimmers of light among the alchemical garbage finally put a smile on Lin Yun’s face. Lin Yun rushed over in a few steps and took the handful of things emitting this glimmer in his hands. He couldn’t wait to I wiped the dust on it with my robe sleeve, revealing several thumb-sized metal balls.
These metal balls are all thumb-sized. They are still soft when pinched with my hands. However, no matter what shape they are made into, as long as I loosen my hands, It will immediately return to its original appearance, a round one, still emitting a faint light in this dark garbage warehouse.
/“Merlin, is this what you are looking for?” Saruman asked for it from Lin Yun. I picked one up, but after looking over and over for a long time, I couldn’t figure out what these metal balls were used for.
“Don’t underestimate these metal balls.” Lin Yun wiped the dust off the metal balls and replied to Saruman casually: “Vaughn’s greatest invention in his life should be them.”
“Huh? Saruman was startled and almost dropped the metal ball in his hand: “Isn’t Vaughan’s greatest invention in his life the six-pointed star array?”
“What is the six-pointed star array?” Lin Yun said with disdain. He curled his lips and said: “You are not an alchemist. To you, the six-pointed star array is not worth a dime, but these metal balls can directly increase your strength to a higher level.”
“What on earth is this?”
“This thing is called the Alchemy Magic Whirlpool.” Lin Yun took one of the metal balls in his hand: “This is not an ordinary magic metal, this is eclipse mithril. It can only be produced in the abyss below the forty level. The entire In the world of Northrend, the magic power contains the best magic metals. It took Vaughn decades to make them into six alchemical whirlpools.”
“Alchemy whirlpools?”
“Simply put, they are replaced by alchemical items. Magic whirlpools, for example, there are six alchemical magic whirlpools here. If you can fuse them all, you will have six more magic whirlpools out of thin air. Think about it, what is the concept of six more magic whirlpools out of thin air?”
Saruman suddenly Take a breath.
What is the concept of six more magic vortexes appearing out of thin air?
Let alone six more magic vortexes appearing out of thin air. Even if one extra magic vortex appears out of thin air, it would be unnatural!
He was originally just a normal ninth-level magician, but his magic power suddenly doubled. If he got into a fight with someone, he wouldn’t even have to take action. He could scare the enemy half to death just by scaring him.
“You know how powerful this is, right?” Six After getting the Alchemy Magic Whirlpool, Lin Yun also showed a rare smile on his face. For Lin Yun, these six Alchemy Magic Wh