/On the top of the snow-white mountain, there is a huge cave with a diameter of more than 30 meters. There is nothing in the cave, only a bird’s nest that is also more than 20 meters in size.
The bird’s nest was made of many yellow and hard tree branches, and it was also covered with a thick layer of soft grass.
A huge yellow-brown bird was lying in its nest, half asleep and half awake, with its eyes slightly open and closed.
The giant bird is like an enlarged version of a giant sparrow. Its tawny feathers look soft, but in fact, the edge of the feathers will cut off like a blade just by lightly touching the branch next to the bird’s nest.
“Report!! Your Majesty!”
Suddenly a palm-sized blue bird flew in like an arrow and shouted loudly, hovering in front of the giant bird.
“Your Majesty! The two guardians on the left and right have been killed!!”
“Impossible!” The giant bird turned over lazily, its belly facing the sky, without opening its eyes.
“Both of them have magical powers. Even if they are encountered by nearby experts, they can easily retreat. And if they encounter those who cannot handle it, the other party will spare them for my sake.”
“This is what the Green Eagle King himself said, He saw with his own eyes that the left and right guardians were killed by several humans who came to the Demon God Temple.” The little blue bird screamed.
Its eyes are as big as buckets and look like a complete yellow gem. Not a single flaw. The figure of the blue bird at this time is clearly reflected.
“What happened to the Yinquan at Demon God Temple?”
“It’s not clear yet, but the formation was broken.”
“What sect is that?”
“It seems that several disciples from nearby small sects came to deal with a little demon. As a result, they accidentally broke the protector’s formation, alerted the two adults, and a conflict broke out.”
” The nearby small sect? This is easy to handle, but the formations I arranged around it did not sense stronger level fluctuations.”
The giant bird pondered for a moment, moved its wings, and slowly stood up from the bird’s nest. Get up.
It has two slender yellow claws, which are in sharp contrast to the huge body, but can support a body dozens of times larger, giving people an extreme sense of incongruity.
“Your Majesty, are you going to take action yourself?” Next to the bird’s nest, another black eagle with shiny black feathers flew over. When it saw the giant bird moving, it was suddenly startled.
“Let half of the young ones guard the house, and the rest, come with me to capture those humans! Give them to the guardians to be reborn as nourishment!”
the giant bird said lazily.
The giant yellow bird opened its mouth and yawned, and immediately inhaled a strong wind that shook the surrounding area. The blue bird in mid-air was almost sucked in. Suddenly he flew further away in a state of embarrassment.
Not long after, a black cloud slowly rose from a circle of faint white clouds around Wuchen Mountain. The black cloud was formed by the gathering