ing that ordinary people can do.

ing that ordinary people can do.
“We are late, the technology ball has been moved!” After Luo Chen walked a few dozen meters, he looked at the deep and messy footprints by the river and let out a long sigh.
“What’s going on?” Monk Li asked Luo Chen, but he still didn’t see anything. Why did Luo Chen say that the technology ball was pushed to the road, the technology ball was transported to the river, and the technology ball was buried in It fell into the water, and the technology ball was transferred away again. This is too mysterious, right?
“There are several big footprints here, and they are very deep. They look very much like the big footprints of mutated zombies. There are also some leaves scattered here. According to my analysis, this unknown force may be the corpse clan, which happens to be together with the bee clan. They invaded the earth, but they are not allies, and they are fighting for the technology ball.” Luo Chen continued to analyze while observing the situation by the river.
“Well, the military advisor can calculate this, it’s so clever!” Monk Li raised his thumb with an unclear expression on his face.
“The bee race destroys the earth, and the zombie race destroys humans. We can sit on the mountain and watch the fight between tigers, but they seem to have stopped fighting fiercely after the fight here. I don’t know why.” Luo Chen rubbed it vigorously Forehead, deducing these things is too taxing on the brain.
“Commander, what should we do next?” Monk Li looked around. In Luo Chen’s eyes, everything around him was a clue, but in his eyes, everything was blank, and everything was completely empty.
“After the technology ball was lifted out of the river by the corpse tribe, it should have been placed in a truck. If we follow the footprints, we should get some new clues.”
“They should not go far. We can follow the footsteps in the sky.” If you look in this direction, you may be able to find the whereabouts of the technology ball.” Luo Chen looked into the distance and made a decision.
/“Well, then I’ll ask Long Muxuan to drop X2 and pick us up.” Monk Li quickly contacted Long Muxuan, and quickly X2 slowly landed on the ground, picking up Luo Chen and Monk Li.
X2 flew very low and slowly, following Luo Chen’s instructions, looking for traces on the ground and continuing to move forward. After flying from the United States, the X2 found the airport and refueled once. Now I am not worried about being unable to continue flying without gasoline.
After following the messy footprints of zombies on the ground for more than ten minutes, Luo Chen saw a group of thousands of zombies. A dozen mutated zombies were carrying a stretcher made of a felled giant tree. , and a ball-shaped object was placed in the center of the stretcher, covered with woven branches.
“Technology ball! It’s right there!” Luo Chen couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
/“Do you want to go down and rob?” Long Muxuan asked Luo Chen. He came here mainly to fight, and these thousands of ordinary zombies did not pose much threat to