s planet.

s planet.
On the Li planet, the Galaxy Fleet received a warm welcome. Thousands of ordinary people on the Li planet took to the streets to welcome this friendly force supporting them from afar.
Liu Fei met Li Wenyan.
Compared with last time, Li Wenyan, who was dressed in military uniform, had lost a lot of weight. There was no color on her pale face, and there seemed to be an inexorable sadness between her eyebrows.
There was no disturbance in the meeting between the two, even Chenchen did not follow Liu Fei.
The two looked at each other quietly.
Li Wenyan’s eyes were getting redder and redder, but she seemed to be desperately trying to hold back the tears that were pouring out of her eyes.
“Cry if you want to.”
Finally, Li Wenyan couldn’t control her tears and threw herself on Liu Fei and sobbed, her weak body trembling desperately.
This woman carries so much.
As the child of a treacherous and evil person, he is bound to be attacked by some rumors.
/As the leader of a tribe, he also bears unspeakable responsibilities.
No one can share the pressure this woman is under. She is the only one who bears everything silently.
For the sake of her people, she couldn’t give up, she had to face it with strength.
Whenever she is lonely at night, Li Wenyan will think of a man who once protected her with his broad shoulders and allowed her to sleep peacefully. It was a hard but happy time, waiting for the dawn in the dark night, full of joy. hope.
Tears wet Liu Fei’s clothes.
Liu Fei didn’t move. He didn’t speak, he just hugged this troubled woman gently. He couldn’t find words to comfort her. All he could do was lend her a shoulder to lean on.
This kind of comfort is crucial to Li Wenyan. It is spiritual comfort, because now when Li Wenyan is at the lowest point in her life, her brothers and sisters died of various disasters, and her father The rebels separated from their relatives and hanged themselves, leaving an eternal infamy.
There is no doubt that this is the most vulnerable time for Li Wenyan.
Liu Fei’s arrival allowed Li Wenyan, who had no one to rely on, to find a trace of safety and spiritual support.
“I’m sorry.” After a while, Li Wenyan raised her head, with a hint of shyness on her tear-stained face.
“What are your plans?” Liu Fei gently patted Li Wenyan’s shoulder.
“I don’t know.”
“Come to Earth with me.”
“No! I will not abandon our people.” Li Wenyan shook her head, and a rare look of determination appeared on this weak woman’s face.
“Yeah.” Liu Fei nodded without trying to persuade him.
“Brother Fei, this is the Drow Star Territory, and this is Li Meng’s territory. Before your fleet arrived, I thought about it. The only way out for the Li Clan Star is to surrender. You can save me temporarily, but you cannot save me forever. ”
Yes, but can you convince your people?” Liu Fei knew this was true, but he was still worried about Li Wenyan’s situation.
“Brother Fei, don’t worry. If it were before, I wouldn’t be sure to convince my tribe. But after you come, my tribe