st and had not been restored to their original state at all.

st and had not been restored to their original state at all.
“Hahahahaha who is playing a prank? Want to fuck up my sister?” Anna laughed a few times to embolden herself, but she didn’t expect that after her laughter came out, it looked extremely sad in the empty room, like a ghost. It looked like she was laughing, but she actually startled herself.
“I have to wake up! This must be a dream! Otherwise it doesn’t make sense!” Anna slapped her face hard until it hurt, but nothing happened around her.
“It’s so cold. I’ll freeze to death if this keeps up, Guo Tian! Where the hell are you hiding? I don’t know if I’ll kick you in the ass when I find you!” Anna screamed loudly, trying not to feel scared, but She soon felt that the tone of her voice had changed drastically, as if it was not her own voice, which made her even more frightened.
Anna sat by the bed for a while, but the cold was too much to bear. Now she felt more and more that she was not dreaming. If it’s a dream, it doesn’t feel so real, and if you try hard, you can always wake up, right? She’s frozen like this and hasn’t woken up yet, so that means she can’t be dreaming, right?
The question is, if they are not dreaming now, where are the other people in the living cabin going?
Could it be that she was so sleepy that they couldn’t wake her up before they left and thought she was dead, so they left her here alone?
It’s possible, otherwise, why would they even take the bedding away from her? Then, she slept here alone for several years, until the walls and iron bed became rusty?
It’s hard to understand why the iron bed is rusty, but why are the walls rusty?
/Anna picked up the flashlight and walked to the wall, carefully examining the rust stains on the wall. Suddenly she felt that the wall did not seem to be rust stains, but blood stains. Anna reached out her hand and touched the wall. Sure enough, it felt a little sticky. Huhu, but after touching it, her attention was no longer on the ‘rust’.
Why do the walls feel soft, as if they are touching someone’s body?
Anna shined the flashlight on the wall again, and this time she found that there seemed to be something wrong with the wall where the flashlight was shining, as if there were several bulges on the wall, and they continued to bulge.
How could this happen to a solid wall?
Anna’s breathing and heartbeat became rapid in an instant. Under the illumination of the flashlight, several bulges on the wall slowly formed the shape of a human face, with a nose, a mouth and a face, and they looked somewhat familiar.
Anna quickly recognized it. Isn’t this Guo Tian’s face? Why did he run into the wall?
/“Save me” Guo Tian showed a frightened look on the wall and called out to Anna for help.
“Go as far as you can! Are you trying to scare me by trying different tricks?” Anna kicked the wall, as if she had hit a spring. She was pushed back and she almost sat down. On the ground.
After Anna got up, she shined the flashlight again at the place where Guo Tian’s face appeared just now. As a result