Xingsheng, he will be beaten to death, and he himself will not allow it.

Aluminum alloy lamp body, acrylic cover, suppliers are required to comply with ISO quality system certification. The lamp beads in each spotlight have changed from one off-brand to three from Fushan Lighting. Unless all three are broken, they can be used forever.
Finally one from 22 came to 16.
Zhao Song took the initiative to increase the number to 18 and requested that the name and phone number of Mingjia Technology be included in the manual. In the end, this ultra-thin spotlight could only be sold by him in Kyoto and not anywhere else. Boss Mei agreed.
Deposit, 20,000, quantity 5,000, delivery within half a month. Before LED went on the market, Zhao Song made a lot of money.
Beijing University West Gate, Bureau of Correction No. 25, 22.23 minutes.
Zhao Song and Yuanyuan simply washed themselves and collapsed on the bed.
“Brother, do you think it’s safe to leave the money with Brother Zhao Xin?”
“Sister, he will pay you if you lose it.”
“Brother, I never thought I could make so much money in one day.”
“Sister, store image and peak sales season, remember these two concepts, learn and understand by yourself.”
“Brother, I feel like I’m dreaming.”
Zhao Song hugged Yuanyuan and said, “Yuanyuan, there are more than 20 million people in this city, and few people are as lucky as us to know our second uncle!”
“Yuanyuan, you are fine now. There will be many temptations in the future. Keep your heart and you will be successful. Yuanyuan, you must keep your heart, Yuanyuan.” Zhao Song closed his eyes while muttering to himself.
He is too tired.
A few buds sprouted from the tree branches where the tired birds built their nests, just as everything was about to revive and the weather was about to get warmer.
Zhao Song was called to the teaching director.
Ten days after the counter opened, Yuanyuan was able to support the counter independently for a period of time. Zhao Song had taken professional courses and would arrive as soon as possible. However, after class today, Zhao Song was stopped.
A qualified teaching director should have no name or surname.
“Someone reported me for selling hair…no, selling porn?”
“Director Guo, I haven’t sold VCDs for nearly two months. Do you know why?” This teaching director is unqualified because he has a surname.
“Because they only want to buy pornographic films. As an outstanding student of this school,” Zhao Song said, ignoring the speechless expression of the dean of students: “Of course I have an obligation to refuse and will never sell VCDs again.”
/“Director Guo, I have no father or mother in Kyoto and am struggling alone, but I see you as my father.”
“Dad Guo, it’s you who gave me the certificate of outstanding student. It’s you who gave me the opportunity to work part-time outside school so that I can support myself, Dad Guo.”
“Get out!”
“Get out of here.”
“Hey.” Zhao Song accidentally wanted to squat down and roll away, but when he saw the director with a dark face, he had to run