mon practice in the aviation field. Once the aircraft has an accident, the less fuel in the fuel tank when landing, the better. good.

mon practice in the aviation field. Once the aircraft has an accident, the less fuel in the fuel tank when landing, the better. good.
Han Xuan only found out about this after watching the news after returning home, so he asked his private pilot to change the route to Monterey Airport. It only takes about forty minutes to get there by helicopter.
/“Olivia, help me,” he said. Let me make a pot of Sri Lankan black tea, the one my grandpa gave me, in a golden box!”
Lying lazily on the sofa, Han Xuan turned his head and shouted to Olivia, and continued to add: “Give me more I’ll get some macarons! I don’t eat durian-flavored macarons! I really want to know which pastry chef combined the delicious macarons with durian. I hate that guy.”
I wanted to find durian . However, durian is durian. People who like it think it is the king of fruits. People who don’t like it want to use the most vulgar adjective to express how bad it tastes.
Olivia walked with him for a whole day and didn’t come back until after working from morning to night. After hearing Han Xuan’s instructions, she finally couldn’t help but rolled her eyes slightly and said, “Okay boss, black tea in a golden pot. I don’t want durian flavored macarons. I miss the time when I first came to work with you. It’s only been a few days and you were no longer polite to me. You used to make your own black tea and your tone of voice was distant. You don’t like it. , but we like it very much. In fact, in the shop that sells macarons in Belgium, durian-flavored macarons sell the most.” ”
Isn’t this bad? It means that the relationship between us has become closer, doesn’t it? Is that a good thing?”
Han Xuan looked on shamelessly and showed a cute smile to the newly arrived life secretary.
Miss Olivia was stunned after hearing this. She was naturally happy to be closer to Han Xuan. She smiled and said, “No wonder Angela left you. She really has no time to rest from morning to night. Later.” I also need to sort out the fresh ingredients delivered from the Snow Mountain Ranch. How about noodles tomorrow morning? Tangyuan can also be used. I just learned how to match the fillings from the book.” ”
Tangyuan, Dolores likes that too. Angie La is not angry because of me. Secretary Dawson helps her and I often see her slacking off. If I don’t say I’m hungry or thirsty, that guy will never take the initiative to prepare food or drinks for me. I’ll ask Secretary Dawson later Send me a photo of his daughter. She is Chinese and Caucasian, and both of them have pretty good looks. The little girl should be very beautiful. It’s a pity that I don’t have a son yet, otherwise I will let my son pick up their girls in the future. , I believe Dawson will be so angry when he sees his daughter dating a man, hahaha!”
As soon as Han Xuan finished speaking, bodyguard Gabriel followed closely and said: “Then you should hurry up and have a baby with Miss Dolores. It’s still too late for a child. But don’t be too happy too early. Maybe you will give birth to a daughter, and when s