days, and Zhao Songle has a delicious meal waiting for him when he comes home every night.

days, and Zhao Songle has a delicious meal waiting for him when he comes home every night.
In the afternoon, after the Tesla Industrial Park turned off the power switch and sent all the workers out of the gate, Zhao Song also returned to his home in Xiagou Village with Xiao Yu.
Kyoto seemed to have turned into an empty city at this time. There were only a few cars on the Badaling Expressway.
Zhao Song knew that everything in front of him was an illusion. Compared with the real empty city and Shenzhen City at this time, there were still more than 10 million people living in various places. When the first day of the Lunar New Year came to various temple fairs, they were still You can feel the usual crowds of people.
As for the issue of a nationally famous young entrepreneur selling mutton skewers, Zhao Song didn’t care. With a daily turnover of more than 100,000 or 200,000 yuan, it was nothing to lose face.
It’s a pity that the daily income of Tesla when it is running is not comparable to that of a golden shop in the Temple of Earth Temple Fair.
The door of one of the compartments opened, Xiao Yu began to be busy in the kitchen, and Zhao Song and Ding Tao cleaned the snow in the small square.
A group of naughty children ran into the snowdrift to play Thunder King, blowing up the snow everywhere, but Zhao Song drove them away with a broom.
At 3:30, Uncle Lu’s son in the armed police force came back. The two of them stayed in the guard booth for less than ten minutes. The son who didn’t care about his family hurried away again, even as Zhao Song cursed behind him!
Next to him, Lian Shun lay on the ground whimpering, looking pitifully at the tall figure retreating into the distance.
At four o’clock, two Iveco cars drove slowly into the small square. Liao Yingzhu got off the passenger seat of one of them and ran into the kitchen to help. Song Guanyi and Wu Wenyun piled two cars of fireworks in front of You’s house, and were chased away by Zhao Song. After leaving, they all have families and families. With such a free New Year’s Eve this year, it would be better for them to go back and reunite with their families early.
The kitchen was getting more and more lively, with chef Xiao Yu directing Ding Tao, Liao Yingzhu, Uncle Lu and two Youjia members who had not returned home to get busy.
This New Year’s Eve dinner, Zhao Song prepared not the traditional chicken, duck, and fish, but real delicacies from the mountains and seas.
Not to mention seafood, all the most expensive things you can buy in the Beijing-Shenzhen Seafood Market are available. As for mountain delicacies, except for bear paws, orangutan lips and leopard fetuses, which are replaced by a few of the eight delicacies in Kyoto, the rest are all Go to Bazhen!
An old cook from Xiagou Village has already taken care of the first few processes. Zhao Song is not worried at all about what Xiao Yu can do next. The taste is no longer the point. The price is what he eats. level!
/I am rich and will live a luxurious New Year, whoever wants