an important question.

an important question.
From yesterday to today, it has been almost a whole day. A major event like the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of players should have been a big deal on the real-world network, right?
“I have been staying in the company since the game was launched yesterday. I also slept in the company last night. I am not very clear about those things.” Jiang Jinyuan shook his head.
“How is that possible? Don’t you use a mobile phone? Don’t your company computers have access to the Internet? You’ve been lying!” Lulu couldn’t help but get angry again after hearing Jiang Jinyuan’s words.
“The research work of my department involves some company secrets. Mobile phones are not allowed, and computers can only be connected to the company’s intranet,” Jiang Jinyuan patiently explained to Lulu.
“None of this makes sense at all! Hundreds of thousands of players disappeared while playing games, and Sanyu Company is still fine and has not been seized? Isn’t there a government working group sent to your company to investigate? What are you hiding?” Lulu He was very dissatisfied with Jiang Jinyuan’s explanation and yelled at him.
/At this moment, the ground suddenly shook slightly. Jiang Jinyuan glanced into the distance and couldn’t help but widen his eyes.
A mutated zombie actually appeared in the Happy Garden Community. After going around from behind a certain building, he saw The three people in the central square immediately roared and rushed over.
Although the three of them had never seen a mutated zombie before, they obviously immediately understood it when they saw its huge body that was three to four meters tall, with no skin and exposed muscles, as well as the extremely ferocious face shape and mouth full of fangs. This thing that came over was definitely not a kind person.
Jiang Jinyuan couldn’t help but cursed in his heart. The company just teleported him to the wrong mission location, hundreds of kilometers away, and even teleported him near a mutated zombie. In this case, how should he complete the tasks entrusted to him by the company? When he came in, he was not prepared to go back alive, but if he couldn’t complete the task, he wouldn’t be able to get the compensation he had agreed upon before. If he couldn’t get the compensation, how would his wife and daughter live in the future?
Jiang Jinyuan and Pan Hua sensed something was wrong and immediately ran away. Lulu looked at the mutated zombies rushing towards her at high speed, but she was frightened as usual and was frozen in place. Her legs became stiff even if she wanted to escape. He was frozen and couldn’t move at all.
“Lulu, run!”
/Pan Hua, who had already fled more than ten meters away, saw Lulu standing there motionless. After hesitating for a moment, he rushed back and shouted at Lulu. After shouting, he pushed her hard towards the small square.
Lulu woke up from a dream and quickly screamed and ran away, but Pan Hua was not so lucky. His actions just now clearly attracted the attention of the mutated zombies. When h