the sky, angrily. Returned in vain.

the sky, angrily. Returned in vain.
After spitting out the miscellaneous breath in his mouth, Zhou Jijun rubbed his brows, feeling slightly disappointed in his heart. Since he swallowed the immortal spirit energy of the Heavenly Palace a few months ago and condensed the Tao power in his body to the peak of human dignity, he has tried to break through to the sky several times. However, just a month ago, by chance, he mastered the way of uniting human and earth, but failed. The unity of heaven and man can never be broken. The eight innate essences in his body have been condensed to the extreme by him. When they are shot into the sky, they can also attract thunder, but they always fall short at the last moment.
“Others have achieved breakthroughs to reach the sky in one go, but I combined with the earth and divided this breakthrough state into two steps. The creation of heaven and earth, the vast way of heaven is really difficult to understand… I don’t know about Rakshasa and Mani. How are you doing with your training? If you continue like this, maybe they will be able to break through first this time.”
Zhou Jijun smiled faintly and looked out the window. After blinking, his body disappeared from the room and appeared a hundred feet away with a snap of his fingers. Shrinking the earth into an inch is a Taoist magical power in ancient legends. When Zhou Jijun reached the realm of the unity of human and earth, he understood it without any teacher.
“Meng Ji, Meng Ji, you are pretending to be a tiger here again.”
Zhou Jijun held the little beast in his arms and gently stroked its snow-white fur. The little beast looked like a cat and its ears were like wings. , but it was the pet of the Tongtian master headed by the Mountain and Sea Secret Realm that day, and it was now owned by Zhou Jijun. Zhou Jijun fell in love with it at just the first sight. It was a wonderful feeling, and this little beast was also extraordinary. If it made a master-servant contract with you, it would be able to tell that it was two or three years ahead of you. The aura of a realm figure is somewhat similar to Qi Ling’er, but it is much more well-behaved than that eccentric girl, except for occasionally pretending to be powerful. Vaguely, Zhou Jijun only felt that there was something hidden in this little beast named Meng Ji. Its magic was far more than just being able to detect the aura of others. Perhaps it was because Zhou Jijun’s cultivation level was still low and Meng Ji was psychic. I haven’t recognized this master from the bottom of my heart.
The little beast purred a few times, as if explaining something to the man in front of him. Zhou Jijun chuckled. The birds and beasts around him were crouching on the ground with awe in their eyes. When they raised their heads again, the silver-haired man had disappeared.
Using the technique of shrinking the ground to an inch, Zhou Jijun returned to the thatched hut. He placed the little beast on the stilt, and then took out a stick of incense from the wooden box. This incense