y injured Zhuya and stretched out his hand and said : “Give me the Heavenly Evil Wandering Talisman.”

He was obviously not very happy, but due to the situation, he finally took it out and handed the wooden box into my hands.
Holding the Tianxie Wandering Talisman, I walked up to the high platform and stood where Master Xuanku stood before. Looking down from this place, it was as if I could see all the mountains at a glance. I never thought that at just twenty years old, I could stand with these gangsters. Even though I don’t look like me at this moment, it’s more like someone twisted my soul with a big hand, opened it and tied it to me. of shackles.
/The stars were still moving with me, and I sat down. In fact, this seat is not very comfortable, but if I don’t sit in this seat, my life will be even more uncomfortable.
Mr. Tang next to him smiled and said: “Xiaoshan, you are young and promising.”
/He is a businessman. As long as there is a profit, he will definitely turn enemies into friends. In his eyes, there is only eternal interests, and there is neither love nor hatred. I hesitated for a moment and then smiled and said, “I’ll need you to take care of me in the future.”
“That’s natural. Today, the new organizer should have announced the closing of the conference. Since the new organizer is you, I think it’s up to you. Let’s make the announcement.”
He didn’t mention the Ling family again. As if the Ling family had never existed from the beginning, Ling Yan frowned, then slowly retreated into the darkness and disappeared. Zhuan Ya looked at the purple stars above my head and whispered: “Can you witness this?” Ziwei’s Emperor Qi has opened his eyes. There will be more days to come, and I will definitely pay back all the things I did today.”
After saying that, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.
I stood up straight. I originally planned that if I could rely on the Black Skeleton to defeat the Ling family, but was squeezed out by Mr. Tang and the Haotian family, I would need Fatty and the others to open the gap first and help us leave. But now this plan no longer needs to be implemented. I am here and have become one of their accepted members.
The flames in the surrounding venue have been lit, making it look brighter. There were more than a thousand people inside and outside the venue, all men from the world and major family groups. I looked at them like kings sitting on high dragon chairs.
“I am standing here today because of luck. There must be many of you who are still unconvinced. They think that I, Ba Xiaoshan, am a nobody. It is true that many of you did not know me before today, or even an hour ago. But , From now on, you will definitely know my name and my deeds, because I will make my name resound throughout the world.”
I said loudly, looking up at the bright star in the sky. The purple planet seems far away to others. But it is very close to me, as close as if I could reach out and touch it.
“Just because I’m standing here doesn’t mean that I’m a member of this place. If I have to say