Jijun suddenly raised his brows slightly and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Jijun suddenly raised his brows slightly and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
/“But I forgot about Zijun… Zijun guards the Zangxiang Mansion and is in charge of the general outline of the gentleman’s Taoism. If the gentleman’s Taoism is divided into ten points, each of the three snakes will get three, and the rest will have to be ” It belongs to Zijun.”
“Nine is a constant. If you add one more, it will become rigid and lose its spirituality. In the invincible move, the three will be equally divided, and the remaining one will be given to Zijun, which is a change of move. .”
With enlightenment in mind, Junzi Dousu evolves one after another, but all the skills attributed to Junzi Dousu are involved together. Zhan Tianxiao, Jun Yuan Expedition, Wan Lei Minister, Wandering Swordsman, and Changing Dao Techniques all came out at once, making Zhou Jijun’s head feel sore.
“It seems that it’s time to integrate all my martial arts and combat skills into one. Since there is still one number left of the gentleman’s will, let’s store it all in that number.”
Zhou Jijun’s eyes were bright and he was full of energy. Gentleman Dou Countless calculations were made to combine those combat techniques into one. The stars in the sky were shining brilliantly. Zhou Jijun suddenly raised his head to look at the night sky, raised his arms, and shot out shadows from his hands, which were tens of thousands of feet long, and actually plucked the remaining three main stars together. The Qiongtian realm has the power of ten stars, and Zhou Jijun has absorbed the power of Zhu Rong and Gonggong. At this time, there are a total of twelve stars. Now it is easy for him to refine the star will. Above the sea of ??thoughts, the thoughts of the fourteen main stars flashed dazzlingly, causing the star array behind him to rotate and change. All the stars in the sky were in Zhou Jijun’s mind, and all the changes in the heaven and earth could be calculated. The gentleman’s battle has been completed, and all the stars have returned to one. The general combat skills have also been integrated. Although Zhou Jijun’s mind moves, there is no need to pinch the seal method. He can use it with a snap of his fingers and transform into each other.
“Reincarnation is trapped, you are invincible. These two major skills will be my foundation in the war a year later. The rest will be combined into one, and you can follow your heart.”
/A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, which was a hundred feet long, breaking the night . Opening, Zhou Jijun stood on the wave, his long hair flying. Before he knew it, dawn had arrived, and the white morning sun was slowly rising from the end of the sea.
The tide roared and the darkness dissipated. Giant butterflies that had grown up after spending a day and night surfaced one after another in groups, ready to fly to the morning sun.
“Are you going to start flying towards the sun again? Day after day, year after year, keep going, just for this one wish that can never be realized, and be like a gentleman.”