e, and police officers on duty would often leave in a hurry.

e, and police officers on duty would often leave in a hurry.
Something big is going to happen!
/Wei San had a strong premonition that something big was going to happen in Weijiaji, and this big thing was likely to endanger his life.
Many people think that Wei San is just a robber. In fact, Wei San’s lock-picking skills are top-notch. Because he is so unlucky and often gets caught stealing things, many people ignore his lock-picking skills.
Wei San easily pried open the ancient iron rope, but he did not dare to act rashly. He could see the fangs shining in the moonlight, and he could also feel the two pairs of ferocious eyes in the darkness. He believed that if he made the slightest move, the two ferrets would tear him into pieces.
Wei San is waiting for the opportunity. He believes that dogs also need to sleep!
As long as the opportunity comes, the two ferrets who were eyeing each other finally got tired and closed their eyes. Wei San stood up gently and slowly opened the wooden door a crack, as if he had an almost instinctive premonition of danger. , the moment he opened the prison door, two black shadows shot towards him like two sharp arrows.
not good!
The speed of the two sable dogs was so fast that Wei San had no time to react even if he wanted to close the cell door. The two sable dogs had already rushed over in the air. Feeling the fishy wind hitting his face, Wei San was stunned and caught off guard. I stared blankly as the two ferrets rushed towards me.
My life was on the line!
Just when Wei San sighed to himself about the unfair fate, a dark shadow flashed in front of him, and a bright light flashed past like lightning in the night sky. Then, a pile of smelly hot blood poured on his head and face, “Well”, Wei San Just as he was about to scream in terror, a strong hand covered his mouth, and a sharp and cold scimitar was placed on his neck.
“Don’t make a sound.” A cold, hellish voice sounded in his ears, giving Wei San a creepy feeling as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. A chill ran down his spine, reaching his tailbone.
The only thing Wei San could do was to nod desperately, his eyes fixed on the bodies of the two mink dogs on the ground. Even under the moonlight, he could see clearly that two extremely neat knife edges had cut off the bodies of the two mink dogs. The throat was cut cleanly, without any sloppiness, because the ferocious heads of the two sable dogs had been separated from their bodies, and the smelly blood was still flowing, and the killings on the ground were stained. black.
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Wei San would never have believed that two ferocious mink dogs could be slaughtered so easily.
“Which room is Mr. Wei Chongyang in?” Liu Fei glanced at the tower towering in the night sky, but there was no movement at all.
“next to next”
Feeling the biting coldness in his throat, Wei San felt that he was about to collapse. The strong murderous intent emitted by the man behind him penetrated his pores like mercury, and fear spread in every cell.