here are so many rubbish in front of me. I am the first one not to agree.”

here are so many rubbish in front of me. I am the first one not to agree.”
Qian Ningchen’s eyes turned from Zhou Jijun’s face to Yue Luosha, and his expression gradually became serious.
Standing next to Moon Rakshasa, Samoni seemed to have just woken up. He scratched his head, looked around, took a last breath and nodded towards Luo Jishang.
“Infinite Life Buddha, Donor Luo is too cruel. Injuring Donor Liu like that has damaged his moral character. Even though he is weak, he is still a human being. He also has a father and a mother.”
He looked at Samoni calmly. Luo Jishang suddenly interrupted. “Buddhist disciple? You should be called a monk in those four continents.
Sha, this is Qizhou and Dayu. No one is following your rules. Whoever has the bigger fist here is the king.” Mani was slightly startled, hesitation flashed in his eyes, but he still bit his lips and said, “In that case, the young monk is offended.”
Outside the Laifu Inn, three pairs of young geniuses were facing each other coldly, with murderous intent and fighting spirit like waves. There was a surge and roar between them, and everyone around them felt as if their hearts were weighed down by huge rocks and mountains, and they could hardly breathe. The young warriors in the inn who were ranked on the Shenglong List looked at the six young men whose temperament and cultivation could be called momentary talents, and then looked back at the Hall of Talents with a high plaque in the courtyard of the inn, and their hearts rose. Jealousy and shame.
The sound of “stabbing” came from the room between the six people. It turned out that the surrounding air could not bear the solemn but violent fighting spirit and was about to burst.
Just when the momentum of the six people rose to its peak, a stiff but majestic voice came rolling from the eastern palace, and it was like a water dragon that doused the six people’s burning murderous intentions.
“Give it all to me, stop. Mr. Jun, it’s mine.”
/“Submit, or die!”
“Seventeen, you actually peeked into my sister’s thoughts!”
/Qian Ruoxi blushed and looked at her eyes as calm as water. Seventeenth Lang, his towering chest rising and falling, his eyes full of surprise and anger.
“You promised that you would never look at my sister’s thoughts again in this life, Shi Qi, you have disappointed me so much.”
Seeing Qian Ruoxi’s furious expression, the man with an aura of evil beauty all over his body lowered his eyes with a look on his face. She said numbly, “If you are unhappy, I don’t want it.”
Qian Ruoxi’s eyes, as clear and moving as autumn water, trembled slightly. She took a deep breath and gradually regained her composure. After a long time, her pink lips opened slightly and said, “You are not allowed to go out.”
There was a trace of struggle in his eyes. Qian Shiqilang, who was wearing dazzling white clothes in this splendid palace, turned around and looked at Qian Ruoxi. His still eyes suddenly rolled like boiling water.
“He humiliated you and asked you to bear the oath of life. I a