Another scream came, and Liu Shaobo, whose limbs had been twisted and stretched out behind his back, dropped his head and fainted.

Another scream came, and Liu Shaobo, whose limbs had been twisted and stretched out behind his back, dropped his head and fainted.
At the moment before he fainted, he felt regretful, but his mind was already in chaos.
Why did we go out with a piece of pork when we didn’t go to Beauty Shop? Why did the boy we played with back then turn into a monster in the blink of an eye and come back?
Why it came out like this?
At noon, in broad daylight, in front of the Baiyi Nunnery in the capital, a young man dressed in white with bare feet tortured the noble son of the Hubu Shangshu to death until he passed out.
On the street in front of Baiyi’an, in addition to the young ladies, there were also many merchants and shop passers-by. At this time, they were all staring blankly at the young man with red eyes, and the man under his feet whose limbs were twisted strangely behind him. Fatty, many sharp-eyed people recognized this frequent visitor to Bai Yi’an. He was a dandy that few people in the capital could offend, the young master of the Liu family. Is that young man desperate for his life? He dared to make the eldest son of the Liu family look like this, and now he is still staying in front of the Baiyi An like a normal person. Is he stupid or is he more powerful than Liu Dadan?
“To be honest, I really admire your parents, so I got a little too angry just now and made him like this.”
Luo Dichen’s stunning face was filled with confusion, and he stared blankly at the sight of someone who suddenly seemed to be a different person. The young man who looked like an elegant and elegant Wen Chunjia actually smiled and explained the reason why he tortured Master Dayu.
Are you really just venting your anger on my mother?
Luo Dichen recalled Liu Shaobo’s screams and fearful eyes a moment ago, and his mind suddenly felt cold.
Bah, no. This man must know Liu Shaobo and have some grudge against him. But why did he say that? Does he really admire his mother that much? And…the man who cruelly abandoned us.
Looking straight at Zhou Jijun, Luo Dichen bit her pink lower lip, as if she wanted to see through the treacherous and changeable young man in front of her.
Who is he? Why have you been targeting me from the beginning? Humph, he must be the kind of pretentious bastard, another toad who wants to eat swan meat.
/“You admire my parents? Giggles, what a big joke! My mother who just stays in the house all day and is stupid, and my father who runs away with his son? They are not like you who kill and torture like you. People are easier to pinch than ants. What do you admire them for? Your admiration for their cowardice or your indifference to your daughter.”
While talking, Luo Dichen somehow seemed to have forgotten the cruelty of the young man in front of him, and shouted out to the young man opposite him as if to vent his anger. His pair of unparalleled beautiful eyes turned slightly red.
/The young ladies around him turned their eyes from the young man who frightened them, and looked at the usually calm Luo Dichen