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The aura of deathly silence exuding from the black sword in Lebo’s hand became stronger in an instant. Some areas around his body, within a range of five or six meters, seemed to have fallen into deathly silence. After the air flowed here, it seemed that it had lost its vitality instantly. , all the power of the elements also fell into a stagnant state, floating in mid-air as if dead.
This scary guy is just a ninth-level titled mage, but he can explode with strength that is comparable to a second-level heaven-level powerhouse. No, even more terrifying than some second-level heaven-level powerhouses. That terrifying explosive power is released. The spell is more powerful than ordinary ninth-level spells, and it is stronger in destruction. If the strength is not enough, I am afraid that it will be crushed to death in an instant.
There is such a terrifying guardian in this ruins. Is this guy really an alchemy puppet? It doesn’t feel like it, but if it’s not an alchemy puppet, how can a ninth-level titled mage explode with such power?
After the magic power of a ninth-level titled magician breaks out again, the magic power will probably be exhausted, but this guy seems to have no magic power at all.
The roulette shadow behind Lin Yun was spinning rapidly, and a dense torrent of regular runes rushed out. As Lin Yun finally arranged and combined, they formed a more advanced regular rune frame.
More than a dozen three- to four-meter-long jet-black wind blades disappeared in an instant. The dozen or so jet-black wind blades were like a dozen experienced sword masters slashing at Lebo’s body from all angles, while Lin Yun The roulette shadow behind him was still spewing out a torrent of regular runes.
The torrent of flames released by Theodus poured into these rule runes, and fireballs exuding a terrifying aura continued to condense in mid-air.
The elemental storm released by Andefa was also poured into the circular regular rune frames. The explosive power seemed to explode at any time.
The balls turned into heavy rain and rained down on Lebo. The crazy fighting spirit in Lin Yun’s eyes turned into raging flames, burning continuously and impacting the door in his mind that exuded the oldest aura.
/Lebo’s expression was solemn, and the black sword in his hand slowly lit up with light, and the blade began to emit a white light. It seemed that at this moment, the black sword finally struck.
The blade opened, and the black sword seemed to have lost its restraints. The dead breath turned into a storm and spread to the surroundings. In an instant, the elemental power within tens of meters around Lebo’s body began to fall into silence, and everything became dead. , it seems that everything there has lost its luster and turned gray. Only Lebo in the center is the only light there.
/The black sword is like Lebo’s arm, slashing at the flying black wind blade from all angles. The wind blade is formed purely by the power of regular runes. Lebo’s deathly breath has far less impact on the wind blade. Great inf