look like you are in your 40s.”

look like you are in your 40s.”
You guessed it right!
Zhao Song laughed, patted Xizi on the shoulder, and said:
“Xizi, in fact, the more money you have, the smaller the circle. There are many beauties in the secretarial circle, the bond market circle, and the shopping mall, but I dare not touch them. Emotionally, I can’t do anything with any of them,
so I can only choose among the previous ones. ”
Li Wei, Yuan Yuan, Qiu Shan, Wen Jing
” “Add it?”
Seeing Zhao Song’s angry look, Xizi sneered and continued, “And Bai Li, our ‘princess’ Hao Ying, and… Li Linna.”
“Just Li Linna.” .
Xizi ignored him and continued to clasp her fingers: “How many people did you like in high school? Do you want to include your dream lover in junior high school?”
“Just Li Linna!”
Zhao Song Amplified the volume.
“What if she doesn’t come back?”
Zhao Song waved his hands irritably: “If she doesn’t come back, if she can’t pass the test in her heart, if she can’t bear the pressure of the richest woman’s wife, then it’s over!”
“So… …Bai Li?”
Xizi understood. He raised his head and looked at Zhao Song, who had an inexplicable smile on his face, with a complicated expression.
“Xiko, whether you feel angry or vent your anger, I am going to tell you, this ‘honest person’, a situation that you have never even imagined, that is: Bai Li… ”
The smile on Zhao Song’s face became more and more weird. He glanced at the villa with the doors and windows closed, and after making sure no one was eavesdropping, he leaned into Xizi’s ear and whispered,
“It’s the spare tire!”
Fuck your uncle ! Zhao Song!
Within two days, the aftermath of Zhao Song’s beating came out.
This is a critical moment for Tesla’s second and final financing and shareholding reform, which attracts global attention. Therefore, before Tesla’s board of directors could give advice to the unreliable chairman, the government directly conveyed certain instructions.
You know, Zhao Song has always been regarded as half of the system. Even though he resigned as chairman of the All-China Federation of Students last year and returned it to the two schools in northern Qing Dynasty, he has been holding the concurrent position of assistant to the chairman of the electronic control board.
/In more than two years, he has lost two top leaders and remains unchanged.
“Zhao Song, in order to prevent you from making any mistakes again, I declare that starting from today, you will enter the stock listing silent period in advance.”
These were the words of the first boss.
/Zhao Song said with an innocent face: “Teacher, he broke into a house without permission. I don’t even know him.”
“What does your bodyguard do?” On the phone, the old chairman said angrily, “There are countless ways to punish people. You’ve made the worst possible decision! Do you want me to remind you of your current status?”
“No, teacher,”
Zhao Songshan said with a smile.
So do you understand what to do?”
Zhao Song asked carefully: “Get the richest man in the world?”