with one finger.

with one finger.
At this moment, Wei He suddenly made a sudden movement, sank rapidly, and turned.
/His figure seemed to be suddenly pulled down by some huge force, falling to the ground from the space surrounded by three people.
As soon as they landed on the ground, before the three of them could recover, Wei He’s figure flashed, and the power of the Flying Dragon Skill rapidly tripled and accelerated, and he was galloping away into the distance in the blink of an eye.
“Stop him!” Li Quan, the master of the Jiang River, had black and swollen hands, full of blood vessels and meridians. At this time, he shot out two short-handled flying knives with his palms.
The two flying knives are imbued with a large amount of bone energy, and their power is increased to the level of viscera training in a short time. He brought out Scream and chased Wei He.
Unexpectedly, Wei He suddenly violated his inertia and stepped on it, causing a small pit to explode on the ground.
He used his strength to dodge left and right, perfectly avoiding the flying knives. Then he pounced on the other two.
There were two whooshes of bow strings, and two arrows shot towards Wei He’s foothold like meteors.
These two arrows were shot by Li Ruying, a heavy mountain bow. At the same time, he predicted two directions for Wei He to dodge.
If it were anyone else, he would be able to lock in all possible dodge directions with a barrage of arrows.
But this person was too fast and changed directions too quickly. His fastest speed could only lock the opponent in two directions.
Just after he fired the arrow, he opened his eyes wide as if he had seen a ghost. He watched as Wei He seemed to have lost weight. He was charging towards them a second ago, but his body suddenly retreated rapidly.
Like a rhinoceros sprinting at full speed, it suddenly lost weight and fell backwards rapidly.
That weird feeling made him extremely sad.
Sure enough, the two arrows missed again and penetrated the rockery not far away, blowing the rockery into a large pile of rubble with a loud bang.
“The three great guards of Yuchi Bell are indeed worthy of their reputation.” Wei He let out a long sigh, and his figure turned like a bat in mid-air, and pounced on the seven Jian Ou Kaiming like losing gravity.
Ou Kaiming clenched the giant sword with both hands and roared wildly. The sword blade brought a lot of force, rolled up the air flow, and made a huge sound. A large sword light rushed into Wei He in the air.
At this time, he already knew that he and others had encountered the most difficult opponent in their lives.
The opponent’s strength is not the strongest they have ever encountered, but it is definitely the one that restrains them the most.
As long as this person delays time and does not fight with them, as long as the ten breaths are up and the secret skill time passes, the three of them will definitely die.
This body method is the second fastest, they have seen similar ones, even faster ones.
The key is that this person ignores the inertia