blush appeared on his face involuntarily.

blush appeared on his face involuntarily.
Li Linna slightly tugged on the corner of Zhao Song’s clothes to indicate that Long Xiaoxiao’s parents were still around. If they knew what LeTV was doing, I wonder if these two would still have deep feelings for our richest man. gratitude.
“It’s time to check in!” Li Linna gently hugged Long Xiaoxiao and said with a smile: “Let’s go quickly. We’ll see you at the graduation defense in two months.”
“Well! Goodbye!”
On the other side, Long’s father respectfully greeted Zhao Song. Shaking hands, he said to Zhao Song very respectfully and humbly: “Mr. Zhao Song, thank you so much this time.”
Zhao Song waved his hand repeatedly: “Uncle, just call me Zhao Song.”
Dad Long felt emotional, this young man The richest man in the world, his way of doing things is not suitable for his age at all: “Okay, Zhao Song, I hope we can have the opportunity to thank you for the banquet.”
Zhao Song pointed to Long Xiaoxiao with a smile: “There will definitely be a chance.”
Father Long nodded.
Looking at the family of three disappearing at the ticket gate, Zhao Song lowered the brim of his hat and hugged his long legs again.
With the envious eyes of men all over the platform, he walked to the parking lot arrogantly.
Today, her long legs are also wearing a windbreaker, and she is wearing a bad fitness pants, but unlike other women, her fitness pants are close-fitting, and paired with a close-fitting T-shirt, her bumpy figure is different from those of future fitness pants. The goddess has a fighting chance.
/Bodybuilding pants, an evil imported product, completely lost its original charm when it was introduced to flower growers. Pants that should be close to the body and show off the figure are all over the streets. Nine out of ten wear them baggy. I don’t know if it’s because of the material or because these women bought them specially. One size up?
By the way, in foreign countries, it is also called Legging. “There is nothing else between me and Legging” is what I mean. It was not until the fitness craze started that women who grew up in the garden got to wear this thing correctly.
It’s just that that’s not what Zhao Song is concerned about now. When he saw the bodybuilding pants, he thought of a certain mental illness more than ten years later. Because he forgot to wear pants and only wore a piece of leggings in a big show, he was criticized by countless celebrities. The brand thought it was the latest fashion trend, and then the most evil, most failed, and hated by all men, leggings were invented!
“We must stop him!”
Thinking of the key thing, Zhao Song smiled: “It seems that my rebirth is still useful.”
“Zhao Song?”
Li Linna’s voice interrupted Zhao Song’s reverie.
/Li Linna pressed against Zhao Song’s arm and hugged his arm with both hands: “Xiaoxiao knew that you were busy recently, so she stopped her parents. She hopes to treat you to a banquet next time she comes back.”
Zhao Song nodded, old-fashioned He sighed: “Huma